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P1 Wimax Customer Service

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Essay Preview: P1 Wimax Customer Service

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P1 wimax customer service & support...

5.1.2 Service availability in F&B outlets

Another way to promote Wiggy is by making it available in F&B outlets such as

Starbucks and Old Town branches that are under P1WiMAX¶s coverage. The franchise managers

will be approached and the simple process explained to them in order to get consent. The current

system used will be replaced with the P1WiMAX Black Box and brochures for the Wiggy service

will be placed at the counters or magazine stands.

This method is used in order to demonstrate and promote the stability and speed of

P1WiMAX. Once the users get a feel of the WiMAX technology P1 provides, they will be more

easily convinced to make a purchase if they are able to experience a product or service first hand

as they will make the judgement on their own. F&B outlets are selected as it is not only a hang

out place but a place where those who wish to surf the net can do so in comfort as food and

beverages are served there. It is more convenient than using the cyber café and it also provides a

change of atmosphere from surfing the net at home, the office or in an educational institution. The

two F&B franchises are chosen as many people patronize the outlets not only for the food and

drinks served but also for the ambience, WiFi services and prices. Both franchises attract the

student target market, Starbucks for those who are willing to spend more and Old Town for those

who often frequent the place or those who do not wish to spend as much. Furthermore, the

distribution of these outlets is wide and it is easy to find a Starbucks or Old Town café. Thus the

name and device will always be easily seen, building awareness, reminding the public and

creating interest in the Wiggy portable USB modem service.

Wiggy, ³the device can be attached to

a notebook and will allow users to surf on the move' (The Star Online, 2009). The Wiggy

features ³MIMO- multiple in, multiple out technology which utilizes multiple integrated

antennas to offer better throughput and better coverage' (The Star Online, 2009). This

means that the customers of P1 will be able to serve the net in the car, train, bus any time

anywhere within the range provided.

5.1 Promotion

Promotion refers to the set of planned activities used to communicate a product or

service¶s merits and persuade the target market to purchase it (Kotler, Brown, Adam, Burton &

Armstrong, 2006). This basically refers to the activities P1WiMAX will use to inform the public

on the Wiggy¶s values as well as persuade the target audience to try or purchase the Wiggy

portable USB broadband.

5.1.1 Events

Event marketing will be carried out in order to boost awareness, trial and purchase of the

Wiggy. Events refer to entertainment occasions performed in front of a live audience that displays

a unique picture of how a product or service can be promoted through different mediums

(Erickson, 1999). Events carried out are road shows in different areas. These events expose the

target audience and provide direct contact with the sales staff as well as experience the service.

The Wiggy road show will hit middle class malls such as 1 Utama and Mid Valley

Megamall shopping centre and private education institutions such as Sunway University College.

This is only held in universities between Mondays to Thursdays while the weekeneds will be

reserved for malls. It will progress from zone to zone, such as Kuala Lumpur and Gurney Drive.

Two teams simultaneously hit two different spots each in each zone a day during the weekdays

and one team for the weekend. When they leave the area, a kiosk and several promoters will be

set up if there is none nearby for potential customers to enquire for more information or subscribe

to the service. The road show will be held in states where P1WiMAX has coverage ± Selangor,

Kuala Lumpur, Johor, Penang, Kedah, Perak, Pahang and Terengganu. The current locations can

be referred under the implementation section.

Each weekend team has a 10 person staff while the weekday team consists of 5 members

and a large ³Wiggy mobile' transport them from place to place. The ³Wiggy mobile' is painted

with the P1WiMAX colours and logo. In order to attract more attention to the event and service,

the staff will wear purple or green polo shirts bearing the P1WiMAX logo with coordinating face

masks bearing a large picture of the Wiggy device and announcements made by an emcee and the

mall¶s announcer. For further Promotion and advertising, large



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