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A Beautiful Mind

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Essay Preview: A Beautiful Mind

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A Beautiful Mind

What truly is logic? Who decides reason? The words of the Nobel Prize for Economics in 1994. John Nash, a Princeton student in the year 1948 was a very intelligent man. Mathematics came naturally to him. While in Princeton John became very good friends with his roommate Charles Herman. Charles was always there for John no matter what and helped John through some of his most challenging events. John thinks that being in a classroom is a waste of time and should be out and about learning new things. Through the movie John showed little signs of any friends and the classmates that were around always teased him. In this area of the movie I would suggest that John have anti-social disorder and social anxiety disorder. While attending Princeton John feel in a deep state of depression because he was failing a class that he needed to pass and eto find out that all the students younger than him have already been published. After spending days in his room he solved the problem and he had droven himself crazy. Because of his accomplishments at Princeton, Nash's reclusive life could persist. Nash was forced into a social atmosphere that he was not accustomed to.

Even though Nash was suffering from Schizophernia he was still able to solve Adam Smiths economic theorem. Once Nash actually completed the theorem, Nash was told he would be able to have his pick at employers. Well five years later Nash went to work for MIT becoming and analysis. Operating in secured and or on classified projects for the National Defense. Nash's involvement with the govenerment gave fertile ground for his imagination. After all the hurt and turmoil that the students caused, John Nash became one of the most respected men within the company. While at MIT Nash meet a beautiful lady named Alisha Larde. She was a student at MIT and also a painter. John might not have been the smartest person when it came to the ladies but he managed to wrap Alisha around his finger after showing her the stars under the umbrella. If she only know what she was in for. John and Alisha had one son and she stayed and helped him through most of his problems.

While working at MIT John Nash met a governerment worker named. William Parcher. William was also known as "Big Brother". John thought that William had implanted a radio diao. William gave support to Nash's ego. Helped him become more important to himself and think he has become important for everyone else. There is also Dr. Rosen. Nash thinks that the doctor is a Russian spy. Through out the movie john sees the people on a daily basis. Many treatments are tried.



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