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A Boy Named John

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One sunny earning in a small town is Alabama a boy named john who had long hair that felt like silk, eyes as brown as the dirt, and a face only a mother could love. He was given a 22 rifle by his father for his 11th birthday. His father taught him how to use the firearm until he was comfortable with it. Billy was only 11 which is one reason his mom did not like the idea, his parents agued for weeks before his dad finally got it. Billy invited 7 friend to shoot cans in the back of his parents grassless farm.

They all took turns shooting, they had fun but it was getting dark and one by one they left until only one friend Billy. Billy was the loser of the group that everyone picked on at school by everyone.

John pointed it at the upper back of Billy and yelled his name.

"Hay Billy."

As Billy turned around he said "what."

When Billy turned around as john had his sites trained on him and shot. He hit him twice in the chest.

"Billy you can stop pretending that hurt."

But Billy didn't move because one of the 22 bullets hit him in the heart and killed him instantly. John started and shaking him and yelling.


He was crying knowing he couldn't tell anyone and had to hide the body. But where would an 11 year old hide a body.

John did what he thought any sensible person would do in his position, he decided he would put him in a garbage bag and put him in a grave he dug in his yard.

People started asking questions like, where he went, did something happen to him, and many more. He decided that he needed an alibi and he had the perfect idea, he would say that Billy had plans to walk to Florida. When his parents asked him he told them that he went up to his room and cried knowing someone would find out eventually. His dad found out blowing leaves of the dirt when it blew up an unusual amount of dirt. He started digging and found Billy's body soon after. John was arrested, and served life in prison.



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