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Essay Preview: Biography

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I am a firm believer that sky is the limit, and believe in my capability to succeed. A famous writer once said:

'Never limit yourself because of others' limited imagination' Mae Jemison, astronaut

As a child growing up in Jamaica, Westmoreland I attended Kings All Age School, I always held the belief, that:

'You are not unsuccessful if you fail, you fail if you give up in the process of becoming successful' that is why I hold on to my dreams and accomplishments.

These principles I have held onto from a child growing up, which saw me through school.

In 1983 I joined St Elizabeth Technical High, where I later graduated in 1988, with seven (CXC) which stands for the Caribbean Examination Council; this Included Math's and Biology.

After leaving high school I moved to the parish of Trelawny; where I began working as a scale clerk, at Hampden Sugar Estate. While working I was elected as a representative for the National Workers Union, which was a position I held until 2001.

I was born on the 09th of April by my mother; Rosaline Cotterell, who has been an inspirational person to me in my life. My mother always told me as a child growing up, 'a city built on a hill, cannot be hidden' this inspired quote helps me to aim high and achieve my goals.

The will power and determination to succeed, and be the best that I can be, lead me to find a career when I came to the United Kingdom, that I would be happy and passionate about.

After careful consideration and a job opportunity becoming available, I began working in mental health.

Working with people who suffer from a mental illness is a passion of mine.

My desire in life would be to see a mental health hospital established in all the Caribbean islands that may not have been as fortunate as the United Kingdom;

In particular I would love to see a mental health hospital open in Westmoreland, Jamaica my home town.




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