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A Bright Future

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A Bright Future

" When I look at you " My alarm went off and I leaped out of bed faster than my light turned on. "Today's the day!" I thought to myself. I went into the bathroom to brush my teeth and do my hair. "Darn hair brush," I thought to myself," why won't you get through my hair!" I finally got it out and then scampered to my room again to get my dress on.

"Honey, you're going to be late!" My mom shouted from her room. I ran into the living room with a gigantic smile on my face that no one could replace. Afterward, we got into the car and my mom drove me to school. I walked onto campus and the principal greeted me, telling me to report to my classroom. I went to my classroom and saw all the people dressed up so fancy.

My best friend Sierra scurried over to me and hugged me. I thought she was going to cry! "I can't believe we're going to graduate today!" She said between sniffles.

After everyone had arrived, my teacher Mr. Ryan walked to the front of the classroom and announced the words we've all wanted to hear since kindergarten, " It's time." We all lined up the way our teachers told us to and marched down the steps the way Mr. Ryan and Mr. Graves told us to. After we went through the line of awaiting kids that were there to congratulate us, we went to the back of the gym. We were all laughing at this point.

"We look so silly!" Someone proclaimed.

" Are you sure my hair looks good? Another questioned.

"Shhh! you're next!" We all fell silent. I was so nervous now! I was still going over my entrance when I was called into the gym. When I walked in I heard a roar from the crowd. It was like a lion was sitting in the front row! When I got onto the stage and everybody was sitting down, the curtains opened and the principal introduced us.

When she was done introducing us and the superintend made a speech the sixth grade chorus and the violins performed the song Good Riddance by Green Day. It was now time for the awards. " This first award is the Curtis Bruacher Award. These students who are about to receive this award are the students that are not only athletes but also leaders. " Mr. Graves went on, " And the winners of this year's Curtis Bruacher award are, Grant Hermone and Tessa Nicklas!"

After that it was time for the Dick Bakon award. The Dick Bakon award recipient was Lance Vermeer who was perfect for this award because he was an amazing writer and reader and that was what the award was about. It was then time for the Sharon Bauchen award. " The final award is the most important to me," Mrs. Bauchen started," this girl was a kindergartener when I was the



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