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A Case Study on Organizational Behavior in Rhandwana High School

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Essay Preview: A Case Study on Organizational Behavior in Rhandwana High School

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A Case Study on Organizational Behavior in Rhandwana High School

This case study aims to propose solutions regarding the conflict between the two staff of Randwhana High School. To better understand the current predicament, the types and causes of conflicts between the two were presented in this paper. Additionally, theories and studies that may shed light on such behaviors were cited. Each issue is studied thoroughly and solutions are presented herewith. Recommendations on conflict management and decision making are also included as they are deemed necessary in addressing the problem at hand.

Executive Summary:

The principal of Rhandwana High School is faced with the problem of settling the dispute between two of his staff. His undertaking requires the accumulation of the accurate and unbiased information that will enable him to decide fairly. To begin with, it is necessary that the causes of conflict be traced to understand the impending hostilities among the two. There are various factors that underlie the emerging conflict between the two laboratory staff. The causes can be rooted from the personal perceptions they have towards each other, professional jealousy and rivalry. All of which led to the inefficient working condition that is not mutually beneficial to both of them. Given this, the principal is compelled to make decision whether or not the arrangement will be renewed or revised. Ultimately, the settlement of the dispute is dependent on the principal's ability to persuade his staff to come up with an arrangement that will benefit them both and the school as well.


The conflict between the Martin and Cheryl can be attributed to the staff shortage in Rhandwana High School. Because of the limited labor force they have, the staffs are compelled to allot free hours to perform their duties without compromising the security of the school and the quality of their work. With the present situation, the school is urged to adjust and undergo organizational changes to maximize the time and the workforce. This led to the assignment of Cheryl to the Biology laboratory that is supervised by Martin. The two clearly have previous hostilities with each other that affected their work. With the arrangement implemented by the principal, more problems arise especially on the part of Cheryl. As it turned out, the arrangement was not mutually beneficial to both of them. In turn, the principal is faced with the dilemma of keeping the status quo or reviewing it. In finding a firm resolve to this problem, there are various aspects that need to be given consideration. Among this is the cause of the conflict and the proper approach that should be done by the principal. Additionally, the ability of the principal to lead his subordinates, persuade them to act collectively and encourage commitment are the points that needed to be given focus. Ultimately, the settlement of the conflict is dependent on his ability to encourage a negotiation and make unbiased decisions.

Problem Statement:

Randwhana High School is a large high school with 2000 students and a limited number of part time and full time teachers. With the lack of staff, the principal faces the task of allocating duties in the most efficient ways. At most instances, his decisions result to a deal of hostility with the teachers. In this particular case, the principal is faced with a conflict between the two staffs of the school's laboratory ().

The need to address the conflict and uphold equity was an issue of deep concern for the principal. His unawareness of the nature of the problem makes it difficult for him to come up with a resolute decision. Thus, there is a compelling need to acquire the sides of both the parties involve and implement the necessary adjustments or changes that shall be agreed upon.

The Conflicts and its Causes

A conflict between the two laboratory staffs came about after they were designated to work together in one of the laboratories. Martin who is the officer in charge for the laboratories needed a replacement for his assistant who resigned. Cheryl on the other hand, is a sole laboratory assistant in the physics laboratory. The principal of the school decided to assign Cheryl to work under Martin as a part time assistant on the Biology laboratory while concurrently managing the Physics laboratory. The set up was a 6 month trial which is subject for confirmation or renewal based on the affectivity of the arrangement. Cheryl was reluctant to accept the arrangement but since she was not willing to risk losing her job, she accepted it anyway ().

However, the arrangement seemed ineffective on the part of Cheryl. She had a hard time balancing her time for the biology and the physics laboratory. Consequently, the work she had to do in the Physics laboratory which she has sole responsibility of was compromised. She knew for a fact that her performance on the laboratory was an indicator of her annual appraisal and thus her inability to attend to it based on her own standards may reflect inefficiency on her part ().

Martin who was in charge of the Biology laboratory was very set in his standards. Because he is



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