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Alex Sander Case - Organizational Behavior

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Essay Preview: Alex Sander Case - Organizational Behavior

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What is organizational behavior? Organizational behavior is the field of study which investigates the impact that individuals, groups and structures have on behavior within the organization.

Alex Sander the case which talks about how one employee changes an organization, raises a conflictsin the company,which in turn can be disruptive to the organization.

Alex Sander that is the name of person who has been employed and designated as a product manager by the company Landon. Alex has a barchelor degree in economics and had a position of an account executive in the previous company. That's the contrary to his current position at Landon. Behavior of person which is an accountant often differs from the one who is marketer.That's one of the reasons why the problem of Alex and his behavior comes out. This case also shows that Alex behavior is internally caused or in other words we are going to give a brief discussion on Sander's behavior from the perspective of internal cause of behavior. Skills, ablilities, personality, perception, attitudes, values and ethics of Alex Sanderimpacts other individuals in an organization and an organization as a whole, both positively and negatively.

Positive impact in an organization:

Firstly, describing he's personality, we can say that Alex is initiative. It means he is self-starter who does things on time. Undaunted - the attitude to continually identify gaps in personal knowledge and trying to learn as much as possible which means that he brings the principle of a learning organization. Alex works tirelessly and does multitasking. Alex set his mind on something and refuses to "no". He makes things happen as colleagues says. Also when projects are done Alex shows appreciation for work well done. He is as a mentor, always willing to help his peers if they need it. Alex is the one who can shake up working groups fast. Also he is eager to search for new information and develops himself. This description about Alex says much about himself and about other employees. The first thing which should be mentioned is that Alex is a person who has to be followed by others, probably not in all of those things e.g. to work tirelessly, in fact Alex is the one who shows a change in the organization and that change is positive. He is a motivator. As Alex colleagues says, if you are in the project team with Alex you are guaranteed visibility. So, employees who are already working for a long time in the company cannot be visible, and this means that they are not performing enough to be visible. We can see different opinions about the Alex, his behavior in an organization, but we definitely can say, that when Alex came to work in Landon, he brought a big changes here, positive and negative ones.

Negative impact in an organization:

On the other hand we have got something that brings negative consequences to the company. Alex has a great computational skills, but working in a team Alex did not recognize that his colleagues cannot catch him up. Alex works overtime and expects other team members to work same way and in turn colleagues cannot keep up with it. Sometimes he is not involving the team in decision making. In a certain situations he is too quickly and doesn't show respect for colleagues. Alex has no balance between work and life, also needs to be entitled. Too much span of control on team members, but on the other hand his colleagues doesn't properly know how to perform tasks and he tries to develop better performing of them. He does not praise other often, but that's because they did not deserve that. Some of the colleagues tries to avoid to give any feedback about Alex, this means they feel unsafe and this can really increase staff turnover. Those negative comments in some cases are good, because in some cases Alex demotivates his colleagues with his arrogance, decision making on his own, work/ life balance and etc. But not all of those bad comments from Alex colleagues are right. Perhaps there's stagnation of change in the organization and employees have been underperformingbefore Alex came. Manager recognized that organization needs a change otherwise manager wouldn't have employ an accountant who has synergy inside.

So, what we say is that there are pluses and minuses from both sides, Alex and other employees of the organization. There's a problems with Alex's personality traits, attitudes. But also Alex colleagues in a certain cases needs a change.

Analysis problem:

Newly employed employee behavior raises a conflicts in the inside of the company.


To identify the behavior of company employees and find the soulutions/ alternatives which could change a company employees behavior into proper all employees behavior. OR To change the behavior of an employees to proper behavior of all employess.


To list the facts using situation analysis, to analyze and identify problem(s), decide on one main problem, provide possible theorethical framework (scientific articles, expierences), provide 2-3 alternative recommendations,(provide positive and negative consequences for each alternative), suggest a solution (possible consequences, prove - why chose this decision), provide info what we have learned, provide references (books, scientific articles cited).

Situation analysis

In our case we can see problems which are caused by behavior of an individuals, but this of course is not the only factor of the issue. it's actually the way that people interact between each other that causes the end results in an organization. In the Alex Sander case we see many relationships between co workers that do not actually coincide with the structure of the Landon Care Products company. Alex Sander is the main character of the case he is a Product Manager who is committed to his job, he gets things done through his aggressive style of control over employees of course this at moments may cause some problems. They are marketing department is now undergoing a 360 review which is important because it will give back information about an employees positive and negative attributes at work.

Continuing about Alex sander throughout the case, we can see that he has many different types of interpersonal relationships. He reacts certain ways with different types of people. This of course is a very good skill for an employee who wants to get to a certain position and achieve success on the road through the work ladder.

The case starts off with him having a conversation with a neighbor on the phone sharing



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