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A Fable for Tomorrow by Rachel Carson.

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Essay Preview: A Fable for Tomorrow by Rachel Carson.

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        Within the short story titled, A Fable for Tomorrow by Rachel Carson, the topic of the delicacy of our world’s ecosystem is presented. The story takes place in a town where everyone and everything seems to live in beautiful unity. The animals as well as nature lived harmonious and happy lives; this served as a metaphor for how God intended Earth to be. However, halfway through the piece, the tone shifts dramatically. The ecosystem is no longer a cohesive and joyful environment. Now, due to use of pesticides and other man-made destroyers of nature, the town’s ecosystem is no longer thriving. As a conservationist all throughout her life, Carson published this piece in order to provide a wake up call in hopes of provoking drastic public realization as well as progressive change.

Rachel Carson discusses the negative effects that industrialization has on our planet. Carson uses a town and compares the before and after of that specific town in order to further illustrate the effects of industrialization. Points of comparison used throughout the paper include the downfall of the town’s flora and fauna, agriculture, people, and animals. Carson showcases the comparison of said topics in a subject by subject form.

        Carson uses tone in order to manipulate the direction of her paper. When discussing flora and fauna, Carson describes the pre-industrial environment as cheerful, full of life, and prosperous. Along with the flora and fauna, the agricultural aspect of the town was in full bloom. All cultivated land and animals were at their peak. The birds of the countryside in particular were truly causing for this town to thrive. Carson elaborates on how said birds served as a tourist attraction for the town. In fact, those birds were what made the town famous. However, Carson’s tone changed drastically once a “strange blight” struck the area. All of a sudden the once happy, cheerful town was overcome with a grim, dark tone, and an overall ghost-town feel. Carson discusses previously said topics in a subject by subject format. She first goes in on how the people were affected by this strange occurrence. Members of the town who were once filled with joy and contentment were now plagued by a strange and deadly disease. However, not only the people were the ones facing struggles. Carson goes on to describe how the overall tone of the town’s flora and fauna, agriculture, and animal life had begun to digress. With the flora and fauna now shriveling, the agriculture dying off, and the animal life becoming non-existent, the author truly uses her rhetoric to express how drastic the shift in tone within the town was.



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