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A Film - It's Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong

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Essay Preview: A Film - It's Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong

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  • This is A News from South China Morning Post
  • Which is About a film called It’s Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong

  • Here is the news, the topic of this news is New Movie that makes everyone fall in love with Hong Kong

  • Here is some background information about this film
  • The director of this film is an Asian-American director called Emily
  • And Shot in Hong Kong in May 2014
  • This film Showed the beautiful and different sides of Hong Kong
  • And it explored various parts of the Hong Kong city such as Lan Kwai Fong, Central to Chungking Mansions and Temple Street
  • This story is about Chinese woman from LA who visits for business, meets an American expat working in finance, and develops a budding romance until the woman found that the man had a girlfriend
  • It is a romantic story in Hong Kong base on Emily’s experience
  • The purpose of making this film is Emily like movies very much
  • So Making movie is her dream and she wants to make the movie which is the special one
  • It is the Culmination of everything she’s been building her life
  • Also, she wants to Offer Western audiences a ‘refreshing take’ of Hong Kong after watching this film
  • Wanted to show a Westerner’s perspective of Hong Kong
  • Because Most people may not know Hong Kong deeply
  • This is a good Chance to know different side of Hong Kong
  • Therefore, she Sunk her life saving (less than US$1 million dollars)
  • Actually, she got a big success in this film
  • It’s already tomorrow in Hong Kong played in Los Angeles Film Festival,
  • Edinburgh International Film Festival and
  • New York Asian Film Festival
  • Moreover, she Received several favorable reviews  
  • Which were From Variety and Hollywood Reporter
  • After reading this news, I have some ideas about that.
  • I think the Hong Kong Government should take a role in Hong Kong film industry
  • So film industry can get 2 benefits of it to develop
  • The first one is Revitalize HK film industry
  • Hong Kong was hailed as Eastern Hollywood
  • And the Film industry thrived in 1980s
  • But now film industry is declining
  • The reason is Many filmmakers are lacks money to make fabulous and professional films
  • Many filmmakers have their dream but they cannot achieve because they have no enough opportunities to make films
  • Therefore, I think Government should sponsor the industry to help to develop this industry
  • As a result, Hong Kong will produce more good film
  • The second one is Promote HK’s culture
  • Many foreigners have a little knowledge of Hong Kong
  • If Government’s financial support helps filmmakers to produce qualified film
  • So Many Foreigners watch HK’s movies
  • From Hong Kong movies, they would Learn more about HK’s culture
  • Also, HK can promote soft power worldwide like what Korean government has done
  • Even beneficial to HK’s tourism development



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