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Summary of Internet-Related Prostitution in Hong Kong

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Essay Preview: Summary of Internet-Related Prostitution in Hong Kong

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In the 21st century, numbers of Hong Kong teenagers (age from 11-17) involved in prostitution increase remarkably. Internet has been an essential tool for these immoral transactions. Recently, a prevalent term, Enjo Kosai, appears in the cyber world. Enjo Kosai was firstly found in Japan more than ten years ago, which described as 'compensated dating'. It encompasses 'dating' with teens, frequently involving sex and purchased by adults. And the 'trade' process can be arranged via internet based sites (for example, chat room and instant messaging system). Numerous academic literatures and studies suggest diverse factors among promiscuity of teens. Government, social workers and scholars have paid close attention on Enjo Kosai since the number of notable related cases increases rapidly. In summary, the crux of this social issue comprise the teens' misconception of sexuality, family dysfunction, tragic childhood experience (e.g. abusing physically, emotionally or sexually), standard of materialism (i.e. possession of branded goods), interpersonal communication and commercial advertising. Such factors predispose teenagers to engage in prostitution.

Interestingly, poverty is not the major factor that coerces teenagers to involve in Enjo Kosai. Some children who are from middle-classed family intend to recover the feeling of love and loneliness from 'dating' due to the poor communication with family. Similarly, teens from other developed countries, aim of demanding extra money is to satisfy personal consumptions. Furthermore, under the influence of stress advertisements and same generation peers, teens' perceptions of materialistic value have been distorted. Thereby, adopting branded goods are used for showing status symbols, which caused by low self-esteem.

Nevertheless, inestimable hazards would exist in the cyber world. Anonymous users prey on Enjo Kosai teens via internet. Different dangerous risks can occur on children during the 'dating', including psychological damage, sexual assault, sexually transmitted infections or murder.



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