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G.O.D Hong Kong

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Goods of Desire (abbreviated G.O.D.) is a lifestyle brand company based in Hong Kong. Its name is derived from the phonetic translation of the Cantonese words meaning "to live better" (住好o的). Founded in 1996 by Douglas Young and Benjamin Lau, G.O.D. has collaborated with such companies as Coca Cola, Microsoft, Swarovski, Canon, Greenpeace, and the SPCA. There are currently five store locations in Hong Kong. The company also sells products wholesale to boutiques in cities such as London, Amsterdam, New York, Sydney, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Singapore.

Goods of Desire, or simply G.O.D., is one of the most successful local-founded lifestyle companies in Hong Kong. It is aiming at producing creative products and making them feel more like "Hong Kong", that is to sell products with past and present local culture.

It has been producing a wide variety of lifestyle products, including homeware, accessories, furniture, clothing, etc. It targets people who like creations and innovations. This makes its own marketing strategy as "surprise". This conviction is like "providing something that the customers have never imagined before", with the fusion of local culture that will probably create resonance between the locals.

This can be reflected by the company's slogan, "Delay No More", which is slang in Cantonese. Some well-known example as "14K" T-shirt, which is inspired by the name of one of the Hong Kong largest crime syndicates, triggering a hot topic among local people and becoming a fashion icon for local youth.

The value of G.O.D. makes it a unique lifestyle company in Hong Kong, with innovations and surprises. And its products are especially welcomed and famous among the young people, making a remarkable success by designing these fashion products.



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