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Music Education in Hong Kong

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Music is one of the important subjects and education in Hong Kong, Most of the parents would like to let their children to learn musical instrument and training in musical performance and other aspects of the discipline in order to become secure professionals. And music is one of the important factors for the children to enter to the primary school.

Music education is very popular in Hong Kong; there are many kinds of music learning school and centre such as APA, (The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts), Baron School of music, provide many kinds of music education such as piano, violin and classical guitar.

However, Hong Kong never has a professional music education centre that focus on teaching Chinese musical instrument, although there are some music learning centre that also provide Chinese musical instrument course, but there are not an authority famous centre that focus on professional teaching of Chinese musical instrument. As a result, we think there's a market and opportunities of doing a business with a professional Chinese musical instrument teaching centre.

The description of the business

This kind of business usually have class teaching or private lesson for the students.

Most music education centre also distribute musical instrument, such as piano, guitar and drum.

Current status

We would like to be the first professional Chinese musical instrument music education centre in Hong Kong, there are lots of music centre in Hong Kong include Chinese musical instrument teaching, but now doesn't have a professional and only focus on teaching Chinese musical instrument yet.


As we are a professional Chinese musical instrument teaching centre, the basic requirement is the qualification, teaching experience and our quality service.



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