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A General Presentation of Fedex

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Essay Preview: A General Presentation of Fedex

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. A general presentation of FedEx

FedEx is an American airline company specialized in the international transport of freight its original name was federal express. It is the number 2 in the world about the integrators ; the group is present in more than 220 countries and has 290000 employees ,672 planes and 75000 deliveries cars in the world , FedEx has also several subsidiaries allowing it to be in touch with the express delivery ;such as FedEx express , FedEx ground , FedEx custom critical , FedEx freight and FedEx trade networks. The founder has a corporate strategy , employees have a say on the company management , according to the founder , a good team is also a good productivity . FedEx headquarter is in Memphis

And in Tennessee

II . Financial analysis

In 2011, the group FedEx posted good revenue for its third quarter in comparison

with last year , its revenue went up by 11% this year ,that is to say that its revenue now

were $9.66 billion and from last year it were $8.70 billion.Its operating income went down

this year ; because of winter storms the FedEx group saw its shipping volume going down,

that incidence did not prevent FedEx's divisions from having organic income growth ,

with a total turnover of 35 billion in 2009.

The group FedEx subsidiaries :

FedEx has a lot of subsidiaries in the world such as FedEx express, FedEx ground , FedEx

Custom critical FedEx freight and FedEx trade networks ; we will see how each subsidiary

Reports its revenue in the third quarter in 2010 and 2011 , we will focus on FedEx express , FedEx ground as well as FedEx freight . let's start by FedEx express revenue ,its revenue , , for this year ,

Soared by 11 % in comparison with 2010 , that it means that last year its revenue were

$5.44 billion and this year , it accounts 6.05 billion , its operating income for 2011 , is $

178 million , what represents a fall of 33% in reference to last year's operating income

Which was $ 265 million , about the operating margin , we saw that



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