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A Girl Love Life

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Essay Preview: A Girl Love Life

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By: Kenyara, Hightower  

If you love them you let them go, if it was meant to be they will come back. Should you really allow what you love to be emitted? What can happen in the interim waiting to be reunited? Will one find a new love? Will one perish? Will one be dissatisfied in the wait? Will the souls even be reunited? One will never know until one must go through the voyage and reach the end of the road.

But why even allow them to be let go after all the reconciliations you attained with them.  After everything: standing by their side no matter what, helping them accomplish their dreams, doing everything they wanted always made it about them, but when it’s time to switch roles are they there for you?  NO, so is it really worth it? Hurting, and making all your decisions according to them. Making sure you do everything in your power to make sure you keep them. Did you ever think it was all a lie. Do they ever cry as much as you do? Do they understand that you have dreams and wishes to?  Do they even understand the pain, and the confusion they cause? When it’s not going their way then you’re going against them right, according to them you’re not trying to make it work or you don’t love them.  Then all of a sudden its  your fault that they mess up, or make a mistake.  You take the blame because you remember everything you been through.

But then you start to doubt everything, was it just not meant to be, it couldn’t be though. He tried to hard he made a difference (at the beginning). He made sure you were aware he loved you or at least he put in the most effort to make you believe that. Then you realize you’re the best things that happened to him and it was the same for you. The times that you cried and he was there, and all the times he was at his worse you were always there. You encouraged him to make sure he always did everything he wished; you made an unending effort to make sure he could all ways believe he would accomplish his goal. You did way too much for him, for him to lie when he said he love you. And he showed you too much of how he cared to not love you. Every time he said ‘I GOT YOU’, he showed it, so maybe you where overthinking everything, Right?

But it was the little moments and arguments you never had that showed a new side. Then the lies and secrets begin. And everything seems as if he no longer wants it, the relationship with you.  Everything that happens is your fault, and then it felt likes his coming up with the dumbest reasons to be mad. Then in the mist of it all you’re torn between yourself. You don’t want to lose him but then again you’re not going to sit there and be false hooded through your whole relationship. Lastly it hit you what is LOVE?

LOVE is when you do everything in your power to show someone that they mean the most to you. LOVE is when after all the arguments, lies, and mistakes you’ll still take them back. LOVE is when you’ll take a bullet for someone. LOVE is when you take away all the affection and you still have feelings. LOVE is going to sleep waking up eating and doing everything in between thinking about that person (actually I think that’s obsession).  LOVE is When you worry about that person safety and where about (nope that being overprotective).  But mainly LOVE is respecting someone for who they are, respecting their dreams and wishes. Completely supporting that person through everything they do and all their choices. Being able understand that person mentally and emotionally. Being there when their going through something being fully compliable with that person. So in the end did you ask yourself the most important question? Did he ever Love me?



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