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A Lame Halloween Paper

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Essay Preview: A Lame Halloween Paper

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“Beep, beep, beep!” I awoke to the sound of my alarm clock continuously shouting for me to wake up. My motions were zombie-like as I struggled to get out of bed. The sunlight peering through the window blinded me as I limped towards my calendar. I read today’s date:


October 31st, 2010

I was jumping with joy. “It’s finally Halloween,” I exclaimed. “I can’t wait for my party! This is going to be the best night ever!”

My mom, sister, and I dedicated our entire afternoon to decorate for my party. The first thing we did was hang up our door decoration. The words “Keep Out!” were written in what appeared to look like blood. More bright red blood dripped down from the top like melting icicles dangling from the roof. Ooey gooey bloody handprints covered the windows. From outside, it looked as if somebody had been trying to bang on the windows in hope that somebody would help. The railings of our front porch were wrapped in white, silk-like spider webs, crawling with black, plastic spiders. Inside, dark purple and black streamers were hung from the ceilings, and a string of black-lights was lined around the walls. Terrifying decorations and surprises waited for you around every corner. In addition, we were able to find a CD with eerie, Halloween music to play. When we finally finished decorating, I dimmed the lights and turned on the music. I felt like I was in an actual haunted house. The best part was that our house was directly across from a cemetery

I glanced at the clock and saw that it was 5 o’clock. My friends should start arriving any minute! I patiently waiting at the door, watching for cars. One by one, cars were pulling into our driveway and out came my friends! They each cringed at the sight of my windows and door.

“Wow Caitlyn, that sure looks like real blood! It’s kind of creepy,” said Ashley.

“Maybe it is,” I said with an evil grin. They all gasped in horror. “Nah, I’m just kidding. Let’s go inside!”

My friends followed me into my house. They were in awe when they saw all of the amazing decorations around the house. Spiders, skeletons, and demonic ghosts hung in doorways, on walls, and on the ceiling. We sat down at the table and looked through all of the food. There was pizza, chips, fruit punch the color of blood, ghost-shaped cookies, eyeball oreo balls, pretzel rods made to look like fingers, and witch hat shaped napkins. I thought to myself, “Woah, Mom really went all out with the food decorations.”

When we finished eating, we all decided to go into the living room and watch a movie. Of course we chose a scary movie because it’s Halloween. My mom put in a movie, shut the lights, and left the room. It was pitch black in the room, and our only source of light was the light from the TV. We huddled with each other to ensure that we would all be safe together.

It was just about midnight, and the movie was about halfway through when it started getting to all of the scary parts. We watched in terror as the main character kept seeing black figures in the window out of the corner of her eyes. None of us dared to look out of the windows, in fear that we would see the same thing. Ashley suggested we both close the blinds because there was no telling what lurked in the midst of this dark, foggy, Halloween night. Ashley and I both frightfully approached the window when all of the sudden, “AHHH!” Ashley was frantically screaming at the window. Everybody rushed over to her.

“What,” I asked. “What’s out there?!”

We peered outside of the window and looked over at the graveyard. We all shrieked when we saw it. A man with a mask, dressed in all black, and wearing a hood was standing in the cemetery across the street, staring at my house.

“AHHH!” We scattered out of the room like mice running from humans.

“MOM!” I called in panic, “There’s somebody staring at



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