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A Lesson

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Nobody wants to face any problem in anyway because most people want to live their life peacefully rather than trouble. On the other hand, if we do not want to face any problem there is no way to learn new lesson to help make your knowledge grow. Therefore, never run away from every single problem you face it even if it is a hard condition, keep going until you solve it. Whether the case is big or small, even if you are right or wrong, face it. If you did right, don't let the truth gone. If you did wrong, take the lesson anyway, it could lead you not to be wrong again. There is a time you are going to get your goals in someday. Typically, life is hard to live for most people but if you decide to challenge it, you will find the way to solve any different condition.

I would like to tell you about one big lesson that I learned during my summer trip to Dallas city, TX. It was the first time for me, so I was very excited. Before I go, I fixed my car to make sure every single parts of the vehicle are working. I went there with my family by car. I filled my car fuels two times on the way. I love the natural geographic view between Texas and Oklahoma State but the hot weather made me tired. It took about four hours to get there from Tulsa. Dallas was a big city. There was more population than here. Many business buildings and federal offices surrounded the city. There were many vehicles passing through each of their ways. It also had many bridges joined with the highways. Then I met my relatives and ate dinner at their home. I went to some famous places and took pictures. It was a beautiful place. I spent one nights and two days in Dallas.



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