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A Slice of My Life

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Essay Preview: A Slice of My Life

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The older that I become the more I feel that life is starting to make sense. I was raised

by my grandparents' so growing up for me was kind of a challenge. I think it was because of the

age of my grandparents. My grandfather was raised during segregation, so his views on racism

never changed. He is very set in his ways. I on the other hand am not racist at all. All of my life

I feel like I have been in a sort of "racial war" with my dad (grandfather). When I was five years

old we learned that I had ADD (attention deficient disorder). Over the years I would get teased

for having to take medication to help me focus and do better in school. They thought of me as

being different. No one, not my family or my friends understood what I was going through. I

felt like they were being prejudice against me. I grew up in what I guess you would call a

middle-class society. My parents were very frugal with their money though so I didn't always

have nice material things which made it hard for me to accepted by certain groups.

In the sixth grade my parents divorced and me and my mom moved to another city

about 45 minutes away. The new city was so much different than where I had been raised. I

was raised in a little country town. I had to start a new school and I was very scared that I

would not be accepted by the people there. The new school was very different from my old

one. Everyone had their own little groups and at first, I didn't feel like a part of any of those

groups. I started hanging out with what you could call the "trouble makers". By hanging out

with them I started acting very deviant. For example I would skip school, smoke cigarettes and




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