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A Spike Lee Movie

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Essay Preview: A Spike Lee Movie

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A Spike Lee Movie

Do the Right Thing starts out on a very hot day, 98 degrees, in Brooklyn, New York. In the sweltering heat you find the hub of the neighborhood at Sal's Pizzeria. The pizzeria is run by Sal and his two sons. Sal has on staff to run the pizzas is Mookie, a young black man with a girlfriend who is Puerto Rican and fathered a child with her. Around the neighborhood are multi-cultural groups. Across from Sal's is the Korean market. There are Puerto Ricans on the stoop drinking beer, a poor black man who is a wise alcoholic wandering the streets who tries to befriend Mother Sister who is a black woman who sits in her window watching over the neighborhood.

Petite black man named "Buggin' Out" who is acting out in ways that show he believes they own the neighborhood. Buggin' Out goes into Sal's and sees that there are only Italians on the "Wall of Fame" and yells at Sal asking him where the "brothers?" are BugginOut threatens to boycott. He meets up with the character Radio Raheem, walking the neighborhood, wearing "HATE" "LOVE" rings and playing the song by Public Enemy with the lyrics, "fight the power!" Finding each other they decide that they will boycott the pizza place, meanwhile getting the town's mentally impaired man on board, and then there were 3...

Mookie is working at Sal's and still acts irresponsible with his job and his relationship with his son and his mother. At the end of the day the money that was made was good and Sal was happy. Sal was happy with his business that helped to raise up and feed this community against his elder son's beliefs. He feels happy, happy enough to proclaim changing the name to Sal's and Sons, because they will take over the business one day and tells Mookie that he will always have a job. Soon after proclaiming Mookie having a job forever some of those kids that Sal is so proud of come to eat after they are closed. He graciously accepts the plea and lets them in, leaving the door open to the boycott-ers who have the radio blasted and unwilling to turn it down and yells at Sal about putting some pictures of blacks on the wall and Sal responds with yelling and calling them Niggers. That pisses off the patrons. Sal gets the baseball bat behind the counter and beats the radio to pieces.

Radio Raheem takes out Sal and starts to choke him on the sidewalk. Fighting breaks out, meanwhile Sal is trying to choke Radio while Radio is choking him with Sal on the ground. The police show up and take Radio Raheem off of Sal and ends up choking him to death with a billy club. The crowd realizes the police killed Raheem and Mookie is the first to vandalize and start the riot by throwing a trash can through the window. That was the beginning of the destruction of the pizzeria. Oddly, the next day, Mookie wants



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