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A Visit to the First Baptist Church

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Essay Preview: A Visit to the First Baptist Church

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A Visit to The First Baptist Church

The First Baptist Church of Elk Grove is the house of worship for many people in the Elk Grove area and its surrounding area. This is a Baptist church that is led by the church elders with a mission to make a difference in the community. The church offers gatherings on Sundays in different times and each services has different themes. The 8 AM service is classical/hymn worship, 9:30 AM is contemporary/Gospel Worship, and the 11:15 AM is modern/alternative worship. They are currently searching for a senior pastor, but Pastor Phil Fuller currently holds the service on Sundays. This church offers childcare services that have different activities for infants through teenagers while their parents are attending the services (First Baptist Church of Elk Grove, 2013).

This church is beautiful and clean. The building where the gathering is held has stone veneer exterior design. It has tall tinted windows and the large window in the front of the building has an impression of three large cross. Church members occupy the entrance door to the building and open it for people that are coming in. Inside is a big space where people can gather prior to the service to talk and socialize with each other. There are couches and chairs available and the church offers refreshments that can be bought for a small price. There are tables with pamphlets and papers that people can take to get more information. There are also tables that are occupied by church members where people can come to for help if they are new to the church, or if they have any questions. Bibles are also available for people who need one. Church members are scattered all over the church to greet everyone and lead everyone to the prayer space. There are few tall doors that lead into the prayer space. Inside of the room are church members handing out papers and helping people finds seats. The room is currently decorated with Christmas decorations and there are two big projector screens on each side of the big stage. In the middle of the stage is a large cross, which is the focal point of the room. Also, there are choirs and music band on the stage.

The First Baptist Church has a very diverse population. People from different cultures and ethnicities come together in this church to gather and pray. Most church participants are adults because the children are brought in the childcare room located on the right side of the building. The church participants carry themselves with profound humbleness and humility. They show great respect for one another and to their church as well. The church participants are dressed in variety of clothing, from casual dresses to business casual. Most men are dressed in slacks and button-down shirts, while others are dressed in jeans and t-shirt or collared shirts. Some women wears below the knee dresses or skirts, while others wear casual pants and blouses. On the other hand, the members of the congregation are dressed in a semi-formal wear. Most of them are in suits, while some are in slacks and long-sleeved collard shirts.

The church offers three different worship



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