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Aaron Rodgers Best Quarterback in the Nfl

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Essay Preview: Aaron Rodgers Best Quarterback in the Nfl

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Aaron Rodgers

Is it possible that Aaron Rodgers could become the best quarterback in the NFL? Many people certainly think so. His statistics agree as well. Rodgers is known for his outstanding playoff stats. Rodgers is one of the most patient players in the NFL. Aaron Rodgers is one of the most successful quarterbacks because he displays outstanding expertise while playing the game.

Aaron Rodgers has some of the most patience for an NFL quarterback. Rodgers started his career as a walk on with no scholarship in college (Dillon). In college, Rodgers won the starting job at quarterback after beating out upperclassmen that were thought to be better than him. The University of California offered Rodgers a full ride scholarship after his first two years of playing in college. After his college career was over, he declared for the NFL draft. Rodgers was selected twenty-fourth in the first round of the draft by the Green Bay Packers (Dillon). For many, that came as a disappointment. After Rodgers was drafted, he had to sit on the bench behind Brett Favre for three years. Many of the Packers fans didn’t like Rodgers at first. Rodgers was patient with them, as well. They were quick to change their minds after he stepped onto the field. While Rodgers was benched, he had plenty of time to learn the playbook (Dillon). Rodgers is one of the best students of the game. He had to learn what to do in a fast paced environment. He would be as tolerant as he could. When no one was open, he would run for as many yards as possible (Dillon). Rodgers’ patience is a common theme in his career. Which, in the long run, has led to his success.

Aaron Rodgers has some of the best playoff statistics in the NFL. Rodgers is being called the next main player in the NFL (Walker). His stats will definitely support the belief. His most remarkable stat is his passer rating (Vandermause). His consistency is what makes that stat so high. In one specific victory over the Vikings, Rodgers threw for sixty-nine percent completed passes and two hundred seventy-three yards (Vandermause). That was one of Rodgers’ best games early in his career. His playoff stats are even better. With sixty-six percent completions between all of his playoff games, Rodgers comes in fourth place in NFL history (Vandermause). With all these positives working in his favor, he only has room to improve.

Aaron Rodgers’ first super bowl turned out pretty well. Rodgers won Super Bowl XLV’s Most Valuable Player (Editorial: “No-quit Packers”). The way Rodgers played in that game made it an easy decision. He played through the hard times throughout the game. The Super Bowl XLV win was the fourth super bowl win in Franchise history (Editorial: “No-quit Packers”). Packer fans certainly think there will be many more trophies to come. One day, Rodgers could become the greatest big game quarterback



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