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Abolishing the Electoral College

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Essay Preview: Abolishing the Electoral College

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The Electoral College provides a much needed balance in our election system. If the Electoral College did not exist, dopes like Hillary Clinton would get elected. It is one of the last checks like that: the Constitution said that only white landowners were permitted to vote and run for public office, and now everyone is. The makers of the Constitution believed in equal rights for most, not equal rights for all. They did not want the common folk of this country choosing their leader, especially as some very high number of the population at that time consisted of slaves and common farmers, who had no idea of what was going on in the world around them. The "Founding Fathers" were not thinking in politically correct terms when they wrote the Constitution. They were thinking about framing the Constitution in the way they thought would make the country last the longest and be the strongest it could be, without worrying about hurting peoples' feelings.

Opinions of the states with smaller populations. A state like Kansas, for example (you chose the most convenient example, so I'm recycling it) which has a very small population proportionate to its size, is nevertheless important, because many of--I might even say the majority of--that small population are farmers. Obviously it is very useful to have farmers in the Union: the fewer goods we have to import and the more we can domestically produce the better. Since the farmers are important to the well-being of the nation, it is fair, even semi-necessary, to give them a larger, more equal say in the election of a president and the government itself than its small population would permit.



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