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College Degree

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Hind benizza

"living up to your fullest potential",Carolyn Woo talked about the tips of how to success in life . according to her there are two important keys to success: " living up to your fullest potential,and developing the potential of your team or community". She support her ideas by giving the story of the stake ,and the story of one of her student who had a mishap that lead her to lose the grades in her courses ,eventhough , she successed because of the positive thinking she had about her competence. "living up to your fullest potential" requires many things such as higher education , determination, the willing to sacrifice and take risk,passion , self esteem , and the ability to work with other or as a group. Carolyn mentioned college gradutes in her reading that touched what we faced in our real life, and that's mean the education plays an important role to success . there are three keys to taste the meaning of success : higher education , determination , self esteem . those keys complete each others because without determination and self esteem we wouldn't be able to get a higher education ,at the same time we wouldn't be able to success.

First,higher education is one of the requirements to success.more than ever , the person who has an advanced degree more successfull from the person who has a hight school diploma as carolyn said that the college gradutes earns more than the hight school graduates, and that the reasons why I'm attending bunker hill community college because it's really my way to achieve my career goal. Therfore , college education provides me with the knowledge and the skills that is related to my field as a nurse. Also , getting a college degree will help me to find a hight quality job with great pay. For example , I didn't get my college degree yet , and that makes my life so difficulte to find the job that I wanted. On the other hand , my friend who had finished college is working as radilogist , and he get pay almost $ 32 per hours . advanced degree opens the doors to a lot of career opportunities ,but to achieve these success we must have others things that make our success complete.

Second, determination is another key to success . getting a college degree is a long journey and it's not easy financially and emotionally . the college now costs a lot of money , so we must to work and to study at the same time to pay college fees . carolyn gave another key to success is to sacrifice and to take risk at any time we need it just to achieve our goals no matter what the challenges we face . when we do our best and persist ; all the barries will disappear. If we stick the goal in our mind and never give up with discipline ourselves , we will success no matter what happen to us. My greatest example of determination is helen keller who had lost



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