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Academic Software

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Academic Software

The software that grabbed my attention is called choices. It was created so as to be used in a social studies class. Basically, it teaches children on how to make good choices. The students learn and appreciate how to think critically, and can, eventually, set goals for themselves. Through using this fantastic software, the students gain skills on problem solving.

The software contains three titles. The titles are Kids and the Environment, Playground, and Taking Responsibilities. Kids and the Environment introduce many important social studies issues in the context of a local pollution crisis to students. The other title "On the Playground" initiates a lot of important social and personal issues. Students get to learn how to deal with peer pressure, teasing, and rejection. Taking Responsibility teaches the students the consequences of being unethical, for instance lying.

Classroom Applications

The teacher can utilize this program to teach children a lot of important issues. For instance, the program can be used to teach the students how to live in society, and how to keep their environment clean. After using the software, the students might as well form groups to discuss among themselves what they have learned and how well to practice them.

Strengths and Weaknesses of program

The biggest advantage of this program is its ability to involve the student with issues that affect the society. The society needs to get better, and this software is a good way to start. All children love to use the computer, and if it is incorporated with class lectures, it livens up the class and makes the learning experience interesting. Since, it talks about the most difficult issues affecting the society today; students can utilize this to enhance their skills on problem-solving. Personally, this software is adorable, and is kid friendly. Therefore, I have nothing bad to say about it.

Content area for which product is designed:

This program is designed for Social Studies content area and directed towards K-5th grades.

4. Type of knowledge that the program addresses:


environmental awareness



Critical Thinking


For a teacher, it sure feels great to have a variety of media that can be utilized, along with



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