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Cis 205 - Hardware and Software Paper

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Hardware and Software Paper

University of Phoenix

Management Information Systems


Hardware and Software Paper

The success of an organization greatly depends on an organizations ability to keep up with many technological demands of the current business world. Technology dominates the modern, current world, and Information Systems (IS) almost always involves the information technology (IT) world. Maintenance of hardware and software demands is essential to most all IT processes and greatly impacts the future of an organization or business. The hardware and the software must be easy for professionals to use, such that data entry and processing are easily implemented. Easy entry and processing of data greatly improves an organizations ability to manage effectively information that can be used to improve business processes of that organization. To easily enter and process data, Occasions by Sandy has used current hardware and software technologies such as their new web-based interface to improve their business function.

Occasions by Sandy is the catering company that I currently work for. Recently, the company has made many changes in the realm of Management Information Systems and their use of IT. Management Information Systems is defined as "the planning, development, management, and use of information technology tools to help people perform all tasks related to information processing and management," (Rainer & Cegielski, 2011, p. 30). Occasions by Sandy has increased their ability to manage information systems to better operate their organization.

As previously discussed, an organizations' success is greatly impacted by its use of various forms of Information Systems. In the modern world, Information Systems is almost always technology based, as we are in a computer and technology-based era. Because increasing demands on their current technology Occasions by Sandy is currently implementing a new format of scheduling their employees. Previously, the scheduling of employees used a very inefficient system whereby employees would call via the telephone to the company once a week, and it was up to one person to correlate all of the staffing of different events that the company caters. This took a large amount of time and often led to errors and miscommunication of various details about the event from the company to its employees. The company, or HR employee, often miscommunicated the address, the time, the name of the host and various other important data that the company needs to efficiently communicate to their employees. Currently all of that information is gathered and presented to both the company and its employees. However, the "scheduling" aspect of their organization always has



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