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Software Development for Bookstore

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Essay Preview: Software Development for Bookstore

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Software Development Practices

University Bookstore at Swinburne Sarawak

Problem Space

The software to be developed aims to take the whole bookstore online. Appropriate implementation of this software will allow students of the university easy access to the bookstore database. Students will be able to search and order books online using their university identification numbers. Once the order has been prepared by the bookstore keeper, the student will be informed. The student then comes to pick up the order by paying for it directly at the counter.


The bookstore sells books to the students of Swinburne University. Students walk in and use the manual method of searching the books by going through all the shelves of the bookstore. Once the students have found the desired book, they pay for it at the cashier counter. In case the books are not available; the students have to wait for new stock to arrive in order to acquire them. This means numerous trips to the bookstore just to check availability of the books.

Actors and Key Pain Points

Student : Audrey (Primary Actor)

Audrey is frustrated because she could not find the book at the bookstore after she skipped her in order to do so. The next day, only to the check the availability of the book she visited the bookstore. Thankfully her book was available and she purchased it. However, it could have been not available and she would have not acquired her book for the second time.

Bookstore Keeper: Benjamin (Co-Primary Actor)

Benjamin is irritated has to check for availability of books everytime a new customer comes looking for it. This causes his job to be very tedious and repetitive. Instead of managing and maintaining the bookstore, the bookstore keeper wastes most of the time looking for the books in the store.

Lecturer : Elijah (Secondary Actor)

Elijah is annoyed that students are not bringing their books to class. Without the books, it's very difficult for him to explain to his students as the weeks are going by and the studies are getting tougher. Due to this, the interest of students is declining as they do not understand the topic being delivered by the Elijah.


Primary Actor


Tangled between classes and tutorials, she gets off school about 10 minutes before the bookstore closes. If she had access to bookstore through internet, she would order after checking the availability of the book online. She would only have to pick up the book in her free time.


Benjamin needs



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