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Access Kenya Company Ltd Market Annalysis

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Essay Preview: Access Kenya Company Ltd Market Annalysis

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Market analysis of a company involves making an analysis of it's internal and external environments. This is made possible by use of the either of the following tools.

1. Michel Potter's 5 competitive forces of industry analysis.

These include the following

i. Existing competitions.

ii. Substitute products.

iii. Threat of new entrants into the market.

iv. Bargaining power of suppliers.

v. Bargaining power of buyers

All these forces combined affect both the market position and the performance of a company in the industry in which it operates.


i. Political factors

ii. Economic factors

iii. Social factors

iv. Technological factors

v. Legal factors.


This is a very basic tool in analyzing both the internal and external environments of a business.

The internal environment includes:

i. Strengths and Weaknesses.

The external factors include:

ii. Threats and opportunities.

For any firm to succeed in any industry in which it exists it must be able to merge appropriately the internal strengths and weakness with the external threats and opportunities in order to achieve its objectives.


Access Kenya is an internet service Provider in Kenya that targets the corporate and residential clients. They have an estimated market share of about 42%, hence being the market leaders in corporate internet solutions. They have 10 years experience offering corporate internet solutions managing their own infrastructure for connectivity since 2003. They are specialized in data as their core business. They are a shareholder of the Teams international submarine fiber cable.

Internet services have permeated almost all sectors of economies in different countries

worldwide. Advances in communication technologies and the rapid communications equipment cost reductions, coupled with market innovations, have created many opportunities for increasing access to the Internet in rural, remote and poor urban areas. For example in most countries, costs have been brought down by a number of schemes (taxation regimes, incentives, etc.) as well as liberalization and hence competition in the provision of services and deployment of technologies to overcome the constraints of locations and business viability. The Internet is a communication platform riding on network access technologies such as fixed line, mobile cellular, wireless terrestrial and satellite. It is made up of a number of components which include connectivity links, servers, content and end user devices. The Internet has increasingly gained widespread recognition as a knowledge infrastructure.


"To be the leading premier provider of high quality internet and other technology services to corporate customers."


"To build our market leadership position in the corporate internet market, to become the leading provider range of ICT services for corporate, Sotto and high end residential customers in Kenya and East Africa. We shall achieve these goals by continuously improving the value for money of our money customer's proposition, by offering high level of customer service, and by attracting, developing and retaining outstanding personnel."


"Our core business is to ensure that our clients are connected o the interne. We are an internet solution provider.

I used SWOT analysis to analysis to do an a market analysis for Access Kenya Company Ltd.


1. Market Niche (Corporate and residential clients)

Access Kenya have identified a very strong market niche which includes the organizations. With the growing need for internet in offices to communicate via emails, doing research on the World Wide Web and video conferencing. The largest consumer for internet services in Kenya are the organizations and therefore this market niche will generate a lot of income for the company.

2. Company Image

They have been in the market for 10 years experience offering corporate internet solutions, as the corporate internet market leader for the past 5 years, it is better place to cater to for organizations' connectivity needs.

3. Customized services

They offer to their clients tailor made solutions specific to their individual needs. Flat monthly fee. For instance the chart below shows the products offered by access to its clients based on the customer income and therefore a customer is able to choose the package that suits him/her better.

Package Daytime Speeds Nightime/Weekend Speeds Price Per Month*

Value Unlimited 128/128 Kbps 256/512Kbps Kshs. 4,000/-

Premium Unlimited 128/128 Kbps 256Kbps/1Mbps Kshs. 6,000/-

Elite Unlimited 128/256 Kbps 512/1.3Mbps Kshs. 9,000/-

In addition to this they also offer after sales services i.e. for a small additional charge, they offer assist to set up a secure VPN whereby a customer can log in from home into office.

4. Qualified staff

AccessKenya is uniquely placed as an operator and service provider to be able to provide both connectivity services as well as IT solutions to clients. Since 2007 when AccessKenya purchased an IT Services company, they have been able to offer customers a fully bundled solution that provides both core connectivity as well as IT infrastructure management to clients. With over 70 technical people in the organisation with skills ranging from Cisco, Microsoft, Linux, IBM, Oracle, Netapp and many more, they have the skillset



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