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Advance Reward System

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Essay Preview: Advance Reward System

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What would be your feelings about management when it rewards you well in the beginning of appraisal cycle at goal setting phase.

  • Based on my past performance management believes I can achieve the goals and has tried to motivate me upfront
  • Management has also given a message that these goals needs to be achieved at any cost
  • In case of failure, management has defined a plan and will also not shy away from replacing me

What kind of obligation it generates on you related to your performance?

  • It obliges me to attain the goals come what may.
  • Management will expect me to achieve more than what has been set as goals.
  • I would highlight foreseeable risks if any for achieving the goals

If management follows these kinds of reward system i.e. rewarding employees well in advance, is there some negative consequences also? name those negative consequences.

Yes, while there are positive consequences of employees getting motivated, negative impacts are there as well.

  • Working under obligation - Pressure on employee will increase to attain goals
  • High expectation from Management – There will be constant questioning and probable reminders from management at regular intervals of advance payout

How many of you would like to have advance reward system in your organization? What would be its (a) benefit for you & (b) benefit for management

I would not like to have advance reward system:

  • This will increase undue pressure on me and instead of concentrating on achieving goals I would spend more time on explaining to management if there are slip ups
  • If due to some reason there are risks and goals become unattainable I may shy away from sharing them with management because of their high expectations



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