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Advertising is an important part of a company's marketing strategy. People are bombarded with advertising every day through television, the internet, and magazines. Advertising is a way for a company to compel consumers into buying their product. Surrounding people with a product and trying to persuade them that the product is the best is the whole point of advertising. Advertising may seem as though it is trying to help the consumer but this may not always be the case. When it comes to advertising it can be unreliable, expensive, and even excessive.

Advertising is not always a reliable resource for information. The consumer should think of the information that the advertisement presents before they buy the product. The advertiser wants their product to sell so sometimes they may stretch the truth or use words that may be misleading. When an advertisement says a product is "improved" or "new" the consumer should question what makes the product new or improved. There is a possibility that they added a drop of one ingredient and that could mean the product is "new". Therefore, a customer may be persuaded to buy a "new" product and pay more for it because they received unreliable information from an advertisement.

Furthermore, advertisement can become a very big expense for a company. Advertising is a great way to introduce people to a new product or even give a boost to an existing product. When watching programs on television such as the Super Bowl and the Olympics the viewer sees so many different advertisements. These programs are watched by millions of people and are extremely popular. Therefore, advertisers fight with their money in order to get a spot for their commercial during these programs. One can imagine how expensive the spots for these commercials can get. I have heard of companies paying into the million dollar range for just one thirty second time slot during the Super Bowl. Maintaining a company's advertisement strategy can also become expensive. In order for a company to keep their product in the public's eye they must continue to pay for advertisement every day. As a result, many companies may find themselves spending a great amount of money on advertising but it could pay off if they end up selling a greater amount of their product.

In addition to, some advertisements can be excessive. Usually when I pick up a magazine I see advertisements for the same few products in every edition of the magazine. Also, when I am watching a television show it is not out of the ordinary to see commercials repeated every time there is a break in the program. When the advertising becomes excessive is there a possibility that it could be having the opposite affect that it was intended to have? If people see the same commercial repeatedly it is possible that they will get annoyed with seeing it so often and simply change the channel. In short, it is possible that



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