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African American History

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Any guide to African American information must first begin by looking at the history of this group of people. One of the best resources on this topic is African American History, hosted by the University of Washington. They break down their site into different categories of importance such as the Civil War, Civil Rights, and more generalized topics. They also include links to other sources for those who need more information.

Another good resource is the Afro American History page. The main focus here is people who were of importance in African American history, including those people that aren't well known in the general public. The African American History website was done as a way to teach high school students about the history of these people. It's divided into different areas of importance including school integration and the Dred Scott Case.

The Biography website also maintains a Black History section, with an interactive timeline. Other features on the website include videos, biographies, and short facts about the history of African Americans. You can also use our website to find people who may still have been an important figure in black history.

Another good resource for history is Black History, a website devoted to those of importance in historical ways. This includes not only the famous names, but lesser known individuals who struggled to achieve equality in the United States. There's also the Historical Text Archive. They've uploaded over twenty articles relating to African American history.

Other good resources for those interested in African American history include Black History and the History Channel, African American History at Enchanted Learning, and Our Shared History from the National Parks Service.

African American culture is the study and understanding of the culture shared by this group. It also refers to the way in which their culture impacted the general public and other cultural groups. African American Culture-Wikipedia lists a short description of the areas listed under this culture such as music, dance, theater, and literature. Those interested in learning more about specific sub-groups within the culture should look at African American Culture-Black Fraternities, Sororities, and Social Groups. The site contains links to all of these groups.

Those interested in African American culture today should spend some time at Black Voices. The website contains blogs, articles, and news reports on information pertaining to African Americans in the current times.

Students can learn more information by visiting the Institute for African American Studies, which is a subsection at the University of Georgia. Other schools offering a degree in African American studies include the Department of African American Studies at UC Berkeley and African American Studies at Yale University.




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