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Alice George Conman System Pvt. Ltd.Case Study

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Essay Preview: Alice George Conman System Pvt. Ltd.Case Study

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Problem Statement- Alice George, the Assitant Vice President ,Marketing  has been promoted as vice president Public Relation which is in her view is unethical.she had made a mark in her company by sheer hard work.

Analysis-Alice had acquired a Master Degree in management studies from a reputed management school in Mumbai.In orion  Elecronics  she had made a mark by her sheer hardwork.she was very enthusiastic in her work that she never hesitated to undertake travel.Alice was a kind of a person who want a free hand while working. She don’t want that other people lend their support to her.so She joined the  conman system pvt. Ltd. She liked the arrangement in her new firm senior person not interfere in her day to day work. Conman system manufactures and markets Personal Computer and laptops both for home users and business users.their PC sales have been sluggish but laptops have brought enough revenue to beat sluggishness in PC market.its major USP had been after sales service for small users. Alice had made major efforts to penetrate the market like she made 10 service center .She visited institution of higher education and professional education personally to made presentation about her compant and services they provide at a low cost. She had a unique charming way to establish connection with people.she found it unfair that she had to prove herself regularly at work and she used to make her displeasure known to everyone. A year ago conman underwent a major change though alice was untouched in this change process. and new Managing Director had his Priority clear he want to make his company in top five in the country.Mr sen and Alice had a different concept  about  Market Segment. Alice believe  that Home based computing and student is good business for them while Mr.sen believe that real money is in business computing not in home computing. Mr sen had change his mind and his focus change towards business computing and he was looking for senior person to handle this department. The Executive committee took a decision that conman system would reenter into business market and to help Alice a new person recrited shortly. Naik had been seconded to Alice for five weeks as a part of familiarization programme. After some days working with Naik, alice was found that  he was not ehical towards her work. Alice told her that we should not compromise on our values. She narrated the whole incident to Mr sen and expressed her concern over continuation of  Mr. Naik in the marketing department. Next day Mr. sen told her that you are promted to newly created post called vice president(Public Relation).Alice said that if you cant  think of any      other slot for me, than I would have second thought about continuing to work for this company.


  • Alice should start looking for the job in other company and after getting job in another company she should resign from  conman.
  • Alice should straightaway resign from conman and looking for the new job.
  • Conman should divide marketing department into two sub department like first  personal and home use computer while another for industry computer. Alice will be head of marketing department for personal computer while Mr naik will be head for industry computer.

Course of Action-Alice should start looking for job. After getting the job she should resign from Conman. Due to this she had a job security with her and conman will get a time to  look into this matter. Alice will also get time to look for new job .she can select the job as per her preference like she want free hand during her job.


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