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Conman Systems Pvt. Ltd

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Essay Preview: Conman Systems Pvt. Ltd

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Brief Description: -

Conman Systems Pvt. Ltd., A company has reached at such heights after facing many problems even during Economic slowdown in US (which affected the Indian domestic markets too) in Laptop and PC industry. Assistant Vice President (Marketing) of this Company, Ms. Alice George has played immense role to take this company at this level by applying a different strategy then other competitors by focusing on home computing rather than business computing. She tried to disprove that stereotype of women do not make good sales and she succeeded. Three years after joining of Ms. Alice the company underwent major change at top level and Mr. Khosla (Vice President Marketing) was dropped and now Miss Alice George has to report directly to the Mr. Sen(Managing director) According to Mr. Sen the strategy is being followed by the conman is not good/strong enough to compete the top companies of market and they decide to focus more upon business computing market instead of Home computing. After 5 months of introducing Mr. Naik (who was trained by Ms. George), A new marketing trainee in the company, the executive committee wants to make some changes in the organisation.

Problem Statement: -

With regards to these changes Ms. Alice George has to choose one from the best available offers for herself!

Available Alternatives: -

1. She can continue to work in the marketing department under Mr. Naik!

2. She can accept that offer to be the Vice President of Public Relation!

3. She can’t accept any of these two options and quite the company and try to get into some other company!

Suitable Alternative: - She should go for the third alternative where she can try to get into some other organisation with suitable job profile! As far as Ms. Alice is concerned, she was prone to sales and marking since the day she joined her management school and she made marked in two companies by her sheer hard work. However, in case of Conman, she feels that the decision being taken are not good for the company’s future and she is being replaced by new and less experienced employee. Neither she should go for the new position of Vice President which is being given to her to take back her duties as Assistant Vice President, Marketing nor she should work her a junior and less experienced employee! Course of Action: - Having this much of Experience she can apply for many companies available in the market where she may not get the higher position as compared to previous one but she can definitely get into one where she can work with ethics and passion!



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