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Conman Systems Pvt. Ltd. Case Study

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Essay Preview: Conman Systems Pvt. Ltd. Case Study

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Name: Dhruv Kumar (Section: D)                                          Roll No.: p40176; Subject: IGB

Case 1: Conman Systems Pvt. Ltd.

Case Summary:

Alice George, an MBA Graduate from a reputed university had been working in Conman Systems Pvt. Ltd., an evolving computer and laptop manufacturer. She had been working in this firm from the past four years in the capacity of Assistant Vice President. Formerly she was working in Orion Electronics where she had made a mark by her sheer hard work. During her tenure in Conman Systems Pvt. Ltd., she had proved her dedication by being productive and passionate about her work. She had a talent for striking an instant rapport with the people including the company’s dealer. Despite being a woman, she had volunteered to visit the remote places and strike deals, for which most of the male employees had stepped aside. She had always been referred to as the ‘people’s person’. She had unique charming way to establish connection with people.

During her tenure in Conman Systems Pvt. Ltd., the company underwent a major change at the top level where Mr. Amitabh Sen was appointed as the new Managing Director. Mr. Sen was very clear in his approach. In an executive committee meeting, he showed his concern to see the Conman Systems Pvt. Ltd. in the league of the top five firms. In a next meeting, he also emphasized to increase the sales by penetrating in the Business Computing Market instead of the Home Computing Market. As the head of PC & laptop marketing, Miss George was assigned to work with a new recruiter Mr. Manohar Naik who was appointed as General Manager (Marketing) with special responsibility for Business Computing Market. Miss George had some issues regarding the work ethics of Mr. Naik and hence, she expressed her concern over continuation of Mr. Naik in the Marketing Department.

The very next day, Mr. Sen called Miss George for one-on-one meeting, where he told her that he wanted to promote her as Vice President in Public Relations, considering her excellent background in customer relations and connections with the customers and dealers. The proposal made her agitated. She was disappointed as she expected to get promoted as Vice President in the Marketing Department. The overall idea of Mr. Sen for promoting her as a Vice President in Public Relations made Miss George to think that her hard work and dedication had been ignored and she started to have second thoughts about the continuation of her tenure in the company.

Alternative 1: To continue with the Conman Systems Pvt. Ltd.

Alternative 2: To search for a new job.

Alternative opted: 

Alternative 1: To continue with the Conman Systems Pvt. Ltd.

The offer given by Mr. Amitabh Sen shall be generously accepted by Miss Alice George. After managing the marketing department which have always been familiar to Miss George, the proposal of leading a new department could be of a great benefit to her career in the long run.

Mr. Sen was completely aware of Alice’s expertise on handling her existing marketing role and everyone else in the company was also aware of the fact that Miss George, had been instrumental in the rise of the company’s sale of PCs & laptops, when the whole market was struck by the economic slowdown. Also, during this economic crisis, the company’s turnover had increased by two-and-a-half times. Therefore, assuming that Mr. Sen had ignored Alice’s contribution and dedication for the Marketing department would be ignorant. Also, in this case, the confidence of Mr. Sen shall be taken into consideration on how he has trusted Miss Alice for handling of an all new department i.e. Public Relations.



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