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American History, the 19th Century

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Essay Preview: American History, the 19th Century

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In the 19th century the world was developing in all ways, especially the newly formed country America. Throughout this century a lot of changes were made and new ideas were introduced all over the world. The United States of America dominated the 19th century, leading them to be the most powerful country in one hundred years, they used hard work and determination to gain the worlds power. They gained control and become the most superior country by their new modern form of democracy, there quick economic development, and human rights and freedoms. Throughout the eighteen hundreds America showed the world how to form a country and do it as efficiently as ever done before.

In the United States of America, a revolutionary time of government was formed and put into play called democracy. This form of government has been used before throughout history, but this time it develops into something more complex and modern throughout the 19th century. Unlike other countries there was more lenience towards voting, by the end of the 19th century all men could vote and were on their way to women being a part in democracy. Democracy first started in the year 1800 when the United States of America was voting for their third president in the year 1800, there were 2 candidates from the Federalist Party, Thomas Jefferson and Aaron Burr. When all the ballots were counted they each received 73 votes and had to be elected by the house of representation. There had never been a tie before therefore over a course of six days of a deadlock, the house announced Jefferson as their president and Aaron Burr was vice president. This is defiant mark in us history, it is the first use of modern democracy to elect a president around the world. This also marks how from now on all over the world this is still used today over 200 years later, it shows that the rebellious, hardworking nature of the American brought them to dominating the 19th century. This election also demonstrates that all the work from the past two centuries has caught up with them and right from the beginning of the century they are making history. Democracy had been succeeding very well throughout the past 60 years, but it had not experienced a very bad and racists president before. President Johnson was a very strongly opinionated president who had strange views on basically the opposite what the other presidents had enforced; he was trying to work his way backwards. The congress took notice of this and passed the bill of Tenure which limited the president's power to ensure that the people still had a voice and the president could not override everything. President Andrew Johnson was later impeached in 1868, this was a new idea put together by the states which helped the assurance that everything was fair in politics and democracy could reach its best potential and serve its proper job. Democracy was a very fair type of government; the elites of the societies did not like this because they had lost control, this why initially democracy was formed. Most people who came to American were relatively poor and had no social status therefore having the mindset of taking a stance and not being like England. This is why democracy was used in the States and now all over the world countries followed the U.S.A because they had an extraordinary simple and yet modern idea.

The economic development of America sky rocketed in the 19 century, this is because of many things, there increased population, increased amount of land, new inventions leading to more jobs, and the stock market. The American citizens took advantage of these three things and used their hard work to manipulate them and rule the eighteen hundreds. The embargo act was an act of defiance against Great Brittan and France, at the time these were the most powerful countries in the world. This act forbids any trade with any foreign countries in 1807 which was never heard of before. America made even a bigger stance when in 1809 they repealed this act and making it more clear replacing it with the Non-intercourse act. The Non-intercourse act just forbid trade with Great Britian and France, the United States wanted to make it clear that they did not need them to be successful and rebelled against them. They also wanted to stop them from interfering with the development of their country and respect them. These acts show how serious America was about becoming an individual country and even though it took a tole on the economy it was successful on getting the message out loud and clear. The industrial revolution developed the economy in America tremendously in 1820, this accelerated production, simplified transportation, and expanded electricity. One main production was textile, the North and South worked together to make this a main export of America. The South would produce the cotton and then the North would make things with it (clothes, etc.) and sell it around the world, they did this and made lots of money and expanding the economy. They made an exceeding a lot of money because they had not banned slavery yet in the South, so they did not have to pay the slaves which helped their economy by eliminating the competition of the other countries because there product was so cheap. This also helped when in 1846 the sewing machine was invented in the United States, therefore increasing production and making factories especially in New England. Transportation had also taken off by the increased production of trains which was efficient fir the large territory of the nation. Another important invention by an American was the telegraph which was a major export and secured communication in 1860. These are just some of the main inventions of the industrial revolution (1820 - 1870 that led to the economic development of the 19th century in the United States of America which led them to dominating this century. By 1850 America had had built the largest merchant marine fleet in the world due to their expansion of their markets and goods to accommodate for the exceedingly growing population. The transportation part to maximize revenue was need therefor the railroads were being built for cheap imports throughout America, by 1860 they were issued everywhere around the States. This grew the economy tremendously because of the expansion westward and all the new immigrants. Also After making it all the way across to the pacific ocean The United States made ports to ensure trade with China by 1844 .This grew the economy even more rapidly than any country in the world making it more supreme. After the civil war the economy had taken a tole and was rapidly coming back to what it was before but it was Rockefeller who completely dominated the Stock market and was the first person to make 1 billion dollars. He started when he was 16 years old with hard work and determination and a natural intelligence slowly bought stocks in the oil companies. Rockefeller new that this was the way the world



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