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American History

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If 13-17 years were allowed to vote President Obama and Mitt Romney would probably address issues that promise a secure future for young people in terms of education and financial stability. Teenagers in general want the government to help with student loans and grants. Since, many teenagers who have now graduated from college are coming out with student loans and degrees but no well-paying jobs to help pay them off. So another major point of interest candidates should highlight in their campaigns would be to create more jobs. Specifically for students, so that they can be more financially stable. Since many college students who are looking for part time jobs to help their expenses meet have to take up jobs cleaning toilets and septic tanks. Instead they should have been offered internships related to their majors. So this way they can learn and earn money at the same time, because at the end these teenagers are going to be the future. They should also highlight issues such as the importance of standardized testing and how schooling needs to change. In addition, President Obama and Mitt Romney should be addressing social issues, regarding the use of marijuana, bullying, and teen pregnancy. Many teenagers are promoters of legalizing marijuana because they themselves are active users of this drug. Even if the tax and prices are high, students are most likely to buy from a reliable source rather than a street dealer. These political parties would gain more notice from teen voters if they were to be advocates of legalizing marijuana. For 2016, I think campaigns should highlight this issue, since this is a rising matter and they could also connect this with a benefit to the economy. Since many of those who buy from outside dealers would start coming to stores where there are taxes placed on these drugs. In addition, ways to stop bullying and benefits pregnant teens could get would attract different groups of teens. Personally, I would like to see campaigns to highlight, education reforms and more jobs created that are targeted towards teenagers. Some issues I would like to see in the 2016 campaign would be gun control since, if looked at closely, most shootings occur at schools such as high school, colleges and even elementary schools. It is the government's duty to prevent deadly weapons from getting in to wrong hand for the wrong deeds.



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