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American History

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  1. In a post-industrial America, wherein the job market is on a steady decline, what are some of the institutional/systemic disadvantages, suffered by racialized groups, primarily Blacks and Hispanics, in America? Be detailed… I am not interested in generalities… include Kozol(environmental racism, the end of a long process of structural inequality)Alexander (the war on drugs, mass incarceration and their deep racial dimension), and the discussion that we had on controlling narrative and representational production.

Humans always have a sensitive topic of differences among the different groups. This conflict is as old as we are. Among all these differences “race differences and conflict” is worst of to control. As it is part of biology, it is intimately visible and is an indicator of differences in culture and behavior not just of appearance.

There occurs a conflict between the people whenever they belong to different races and share a common place. So this racial difference also practices in the America like all other countries in the world (Wilson, 1978). It emerges as a folk idea in the history of human differences. In the Americans white people always have been the dominating one in every field of life discriminating the black ones just on the basis of racial classification.

The American race relations begin to evolve when the issue of founding the James town colony on the coast of Virginia in 1607. The purpose of this colony was the gold. The Americans have no preconceived concept of superiority of nation at that time in the case of Indians. But in the case of Black (Smedley, 2007).

  1. When thinking about the education and future livelihood of black children, in Camden, in Detroit, in East st. Louis, in Newark, existentially (and religiously) one of course never detracts free will and responsibility from the individuals most intimately involved, yet when thinking about society, other actors, factors, must be given responsibility…who are they, what are their roles in the formation, education, and realization of said youth

Africans they thought them as Aliens. In fact, some of the colonists of the James town considered that these “naturals” have the same color of them i.e. white that may have become dark due to the reason that they painted themselves. In any case, the men who started to live in the colony with the aim of finding a place for their encampment. They claim to cause no offense in this case. The leader of the colony claimed that there is no training of the armed since the English has been in peace (Feagin, 1991). Although there was going the smooth relation with the Indians having the encampment of two weeks old, Indians attacked on the colony with the intention of to wipe them away. This led to the deaths of many people on both sides and if the English had no power of canon fire the end up result could be more dangerous. Despite of this bad interaction with the Indians, they still strive to have better relations with them. This seems a general principle of the race. They find betterment at the distance (Wilson, 2012).



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