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An Experience Learned From

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An Experience Learned From

I didn’t want to move away from my home at 17. There were many reasons why my parents wanted me to stay at my uncle’s house.My parents were worried about my future. One of the worries is the community was too bad, and another was none of my friends and the people of my age cared about studying. Also, the colleges around my town were inferior. My parents believed that if I would have stayed in my town, I would turned out to be a non-productive person. The experience of living at my uncle’s house was entirely different from my house, but it taught me how to be independent.

Firstly, when I moved to my uncle’s house. I thought it was going to be a pleasurable experience, but after a couple of days there I hated my uncle because of his strict and rude behavior. Also, I was away from my parent's protection. My uncle did not help with anything, he believed that everybody should do their work by themself. One of the reasons I hated living there is, I had to do everything by myself and also had to live as he wanted me to live. I lived with a family but felt lonely. One week there was enough time to see how much I missed my parents.

After a couple of months at my uncle’s house. I got used to living there and, also to college. My college was little strict but I loved my college. The cell phone usage was restricted for student in classes and in campus too, which forced students to interact with each other. My college gave us a lot of homework, also helped us get through it. To keep myself up to date with my assignments & projects, I started making a schedule planner. It helped me a lot with managing time and finishing my work before time. Also, the schedule planner helped me reduce stress. I started taking notes of when every vital work needed to be done so that I did not forget to do it. My uncle wanted me to learn to face my problems by myself. He never accepted poor grades. He gave me a trick to get a good grade in college. He wanted me to stay one chapter ahead of my all classes so that I already had an idea of what I was going to study in class. For extra practice in programming, he used to give me a few programs a week.

My two years at my uncle’s house I were a great experience. This experience has completely changed my whole personality. For instance, I started being more responsible for my self. I did learn how to do my own laundry and cook (somewhat). For the most part, I learned how to pick up after myself. Having limited access to cell phone forced me to do other activities like reading books, physical activities, yoga, etc. I acquired an abundant amount of knowledge by reading books.

In conclusion, I learned a lot moving away from my parents. I learned to be independent, also started taking responsibility. I experienced loneliness living away from parents, learned how to deal with it. My uncle taught me how



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