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Rowe Pottery Works - Personal Experience

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Essay Preview: Rowe Pottery Works - Personal Experience

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My Marketing experience is about online shopping.

I used to buy everything at stores. I had never done any on line shopping because I thought it was too complicated and unsafe. If I met a cheater, or I did something wrong, I would lose my money. But after a few purchases with Amazon, I found on line shopping was really good.

First, by online shopping I can get some useful information. For example, last month I planned to buy a netbook for my school work. Which one is the best for me? I searched a lot of websites, from Amazon to Wal-Mart, from Staples to Office Depot. I compared the memory, the hard drive storage, the software, the size, the color, and the price. Finally I found a nice and cheap one at Radio Shack. I ordered it with one click and received it in two days. Thanks to internet, I got what I want and also saved a lot of money and time.

Shopping online is also safe. Many companies have nice policies to protect customer. Just follow the steps and you won't be lost. Once I bought a textbook on Amazon. They sent me a wrong copy. I checked their return policy and e-mailed them to complain. They apologized and re-sent me a right one immediately.

Now, I really like online shopping.

I am interested in Rowe pottery works, inc. RPW is considering purchasing a new kilm. It currently operates two kilns, each of which can process $10000 worth of pottery per firing. The company received a quote of $500000 for the materials to build a new kiln and the space to house it. Costs to erect the kiln, build the necessary additional space, and prepare it for production are projected at an additional $250000. A new kiln will take one year to prepare for production. Rpw will have to finance the kiln with debt. Evaluate the purchase of a new kiln. use the correct format. should the company purchase a new kiln?



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