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An Inconvenient Truth

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Essay Preview: An Inconvenient Truth

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God has given us a home. A place that has the ability to grow. A place that is capable of giving everything in existence. A place that provides us life. It is the most precious gift that God has given us - Earth.

An Inconvenient Truth, the award winning documentary by Al Gore, former USA vice president, is truly an eye opener. He was a real wake up call for all men living in growing countries. It was highly informative. The documentary gave me deeper understanding on what global warming is all about and what will be the consequences, if we do not do something about it. I knew little about it when I was in high school and I never really cared, but after watching it, it leaves a great impact in my soul. It feels like a bullet fired right into my beating heart.

In the documentary, Al Gore detailed the causes and the future effects of global warming. He defined it in a way that all the people in the world would understand. The way that the documentary is presented is very effective. He also adds humor to it by presenting some animated slide show in between explanations. This movie really gets you thinking about the environment and what we are doing to it. The facts stated and the information revealed has shocked many. Most likely, the simplicity of the presentation and the thorough explanation are the reasons why the documentary received so many awards and appreciation.

He showed charts and pictures which are distasteful to my innocent eyes. It was stated that the planet Earth's temperature is increasing. It is simply because of the amount of Carbon Dioxide, increases every year, and leads to the production of greenhouse gases that traps the sun's heat in the earth's atmosphere, which makes the earth warm. Gore also mentions the Kyoto Protocol. These our guidelines that help us reduce the amount of pollution that is caused, and ultimately help reduce this massive global warming, to protect our Mother Earth for the future generations.

The documentary continued on some other effects of global warming to Earth. One of these is the alteration of the ecological processes. How extinct animals will someday be wiped out off Earth and how some illnesses and diseases brought by insects will be spread out globally. One effect I was really concerned about is the melting of glaciers that will eventually erase certain places in our planet. That is really disturbing I should say. How can that happen? But then again, Al Gore showed and presented evidences that will make that dreadful scene possible. It was also explained that the use of newer technologies that produces harmful substances can have a great impact on our atmosphere.

What's happening to our planet is terrible, and it is the because of our own ignorance. We are taking too much advantage of all of the resources that we have been given, and if we keep wasting them, they will one day be gone. We always have tendencies neglect environmental issues.



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