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Happening Truth

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I was wearing white, sparkly Skechers and those pants that swoosh together every time you take a step. Fourth grade was a tough year as my class moved to Proctor Elementary school and hit my "awkward stage". I was taller than all my friends and my chubby cheeks overwhelmed my face. My self confidence was very low being fairly heavy for my age, I felt as if I had not excelled at anything so far. Gym class was my least favorite class because I was slower than most of the class and the year started with a dreaded test. Sit-ups, push-ups, pull-ups, and the timed mile were in my very near future. After I made it through that week we played games and I most significantly remember playing "soccer hockey". After Mrs. Magner chose the teams it was up to us 10 year-olds to choose positions.

I had my back turned to him when he said it. "Rachel should be goalie because she is so fat!" he yelled to the class. I felt my face overcome with hotness and my heart seemed to fall into my stomach. I turned to the rest of the class and looked down at the floor but still felt their eyes on my growing body. My eyes began to water but I still took my position in the net.

On the bus ride home I saw people whispering about the day's events and when I got off the bus I broke down. My mom tried to comfort me with compliments but I knew those were just things she had to say. School the next day was terrifying for me and when I opened my lunch the Yodels were replaced with carrots and dip. It is hard to believe that I was so affected by this event that seems ridiculous to some. I don't hold a grudge against the boy who humiliated me that day but I am actually grateful for the experience.

Today I am confident in class and I enjoy going to school with my peers. I am comfortable with my body and don't feel self conscious because I know there are more important things than a simple body type. From that day I learned that others' opinions should not affect your personal outlook on life. My sister is in fifth grade and is going through the same stage I experienced so I do my best to relay what I have learned so she never needs to fear school or classmates. As a high school junior, I believe I have grasped this concept by becoming involved and improving the outlook I have on myself. Self confidence is so important coming into high school and throughout life so not one person, or minute comment like the one I heard, should interfere with that.



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