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An Investigation into the Causes and Effects of Youth Binge Drinking from the Ghanaian Perspective

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Essay Preview: An Investigation into the Causes and Effects of Youth Binge Drinking from the Ghanaian Perspective

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National surveys among adolescents, college students, and other young adults across the globe show that youth have higher rates of alcohol intake, as well as higher rates of dangerous drinking practices such as binge drinking and daily drinking. The study set off to investigate the causes and effects of youth binge drinking from the Ghanaian perspective, with a focus on La Nkwantanang Madina Municipality (LNMM) in the Greater Region of Ghana. Per the research objectives, the study examined the key effects of binge drinking on the youth, and investigated the critical causes of youth binge drinking from the Ghanaian perspective.


In executing the study, the investigator adopted both qualitative and quantitative method of research, in addition to convenience sampling technique to select respondents affiliated to LNMM for their views among others. A questionnaire was adopted as the main research instrument, whereas Descriptive Statistics, MS Excel, in addition to 5-Point Likert scale which was later transform into the Relative Importance Index (RII) were employed to facilitate the analysis of data obtained from the field.


Findings of the study indicated the 6 key effects of binge drinking on the youth from the Ghanaian perspective as social consequences like vehicular crashes, multiple organ problems, risky behaviours, poor mental health, and relationship breakdown, in addition to psychiatric consequences such as mood, conduct or anxiety disorders. Lastly, with respect to the critical causes of youth binge drinking at LNMM, 6 indispensable attributes were also intimated by the respondents, specifically: peer influence, family, neighbourhood, age, advertisement, religion and alcohol consumption nexus.


Having identified the critical causes of youth binge drinking, the study recommended that the youth should have diversified and pragmatic skills both in schools and the municipalities so as to give them less time to indulge in risky behaviors such as alcohol misuse and other substance abuse among others.


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The value of this research cannot be fully recognized without appreciation to all who have helped and contributed their time and resource towards its success. Born as one with purpose and aspirations, my family and friends have always been by my side supporting in every capacity as a team to help me fulfill my purpose and also achieve my aspirations; this I am thankful for.

My sincere gratitude also goes to my supervisor, Dr. --------------- who has been of immense assistance towards the successful completion of this study. My profound thanks and appreciation are accorded to each of my course mates for their participation in my academic efforts. Through the years, I have learned from them and appreciated the opportunity they have afforded me in pursuing this degree. I am particularly thankful to --------------- for his unfailing patience and guidance during the research and preparation of this dissertation. He shared his vivid experience in research and immense knowledge with me coupled with his time to help ensure the successful completion of my academic journey.

My family has offered me unconditional love and support through the years that it has taken me to complete this degree vis-à-vis their willingness to lend a helping in scenarios when it mattered most. I thank my parents for their constant love and initial encouragement of my academic pursuits.  Finally, I thank our life-long friends and colleagues at the Bachelor of Art (BA) Health and Social Care Option class. A continuation of our fraternity, I could not have hoped for better friends during these many years. My heartfelt and unflinching gratitude goes to all of you. I look forward to beginning the next step in the journey with you and it’s my fervent prayer that we stay glue to each other even after completion.


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LIST OF TABLES        vii

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CHAPTER ONE        1


1.1 Background of the Study        1

1.2 Problem Statement        4

1.3 Aim and Objectives of the Study        6

1.4 Scope and Limitations of the Study        6

1.5 Significance of the Study        7

1.6 Organization of the Study        7

CHAPTER TWO        7


2.1 Introduction        8

2.2 Theoretical Perspective of the Key Concepts and Definitions        8

2.2.1 Concept and Definition of Youth        8

2.2.2 Concept and Meaning of Binge Drinking        9

2.3 Empirical Perspective on Youth Binge Drinking        10

2.3.1 Effects of Binge Drinking on the Youth        10 Medical Consequences Pertaining to Alcohol Consumption        11 Psychiatric Consequences Relating to Alcohol Intake        12 Social Consequences Underpinning Alcohol Consumption        12 Miscellaneous Effects of Binge Drinking on Young Individuals        13



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