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Analysis of Agora De Movie

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Essay Preview: Analysis of Agora De Movie

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This movie takes place in approximately 391 A.D. where a young and intelligent Jewish professor is caught in the middle of a holy war about to erupt. Hypatia who was astronomy, mathematics and philosophy instructor tries to keep peace among her students and the Jews and ask that her people not go out and start a fight with the Christian. Her father Theon is the head master in charge of the school they teach and is ask for his final approval weather they should go and fight or just remain at peace. Against his owe daughter believe he chose to go with the people and a massive fight starts in the middle of the town. Because of this a massive war is started between the Jewish and Christen and the students from the school are force to choice sides.

Hypatia was a young and intelligent young lady who was very into her studies and the teaching of her students. Although she was a Jewish she did not care much about religion. Her focus was more on her teaching and her students. Her teaching was base on astronomy, mathematics and philosophy. Her students were slaves and had much respect for her. The only problem was that being a Jewish school some of the students were Christian and a bit of animosity was brewing. Outside of the school the community was in an uproar with some of the towns people Jewish and some Christian.

In the middle of the town there was a discussion being held between the Jewish and Christian. Both parties were arguing on who was the better religion. The Christian argue that their GOD is the best and he was so good that they would be able to walk threw the fire and not get burn. When they do this they turn to the Jews and ask them now if your GOD were just as good perhaps they would be able to do the same. When the Jews say that is not the way it is, the Christian grab the Jews person and throw him into the fire in an attempt to prove that if the Jews GOD was so great why did he let one of his owe kind burn. This incident made a lot of people to change believe and leave the Jew religion and become Christian.

These holy wars was now becoming an issue in the class room and one day Hypatia was teaching her daily class when 2 of her students while having a discussion in class start an argument which turns into insults on each others religion. Hypatia stops the argument and advise her students that we are all brother and no matter what there believes were to remember that they are all brother and that type of act will not be done in her class. Her students had much respect for her and that would be the last of that discussion for now.

But as time past both the Jews and Christian were going back and forth on their argument on who was the better religion. On one of those arguments the Jews feel that the Christian have insulted them and they must have a form of payback. They call for everyone in the school and start talking on how the Christian have insulted



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