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Animal Cruelty

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There are many reasons why animal experimentation is meaningless, but, in many ways, it can be good according to Jack Botting and Adrian Morrison. Both of these scientist claim that animal experimentation is essential because that is the only way that cures can be invented for many diseases. Also, many other medicines have been developed through animal testing. Morrison and Botting feel that there is no difference between humans and animals. Experimenting on animals helps store precise information for humans (Botting, 78).

Animal testing is also unnecessary because there is not a law saying that you have to test any product on animals (Stevens). The only product that is forced by the law, to test on animals, are certain types of chemicals and pharmaceutical products (S., Jeremy). To think that people are so cruel against animals, and there is no reason for it. Karen Lee Stevens stated, "Sophisticated alternatives to the use of animals in consumer product testing are readily available." So, from the Steven's statement, there are obviously many other ways, besides animal testing, which can be used to test different products. These different alternatives could possibly be more effective, be a better indicator for humans, have much quicker results, and it would not be involved in any kind of animal unkindness. So, why don't all companies realize that they don't have to do testing on innocent animals?

There are two main reasons why it is so hard for manufacturers to use alternatives: the fright for human safety and the fright of product assurance. The first company that changed their ways of animal testing was Revlon Cosmetics. In 1979, Revlon gave $750,000 to the Rockefeller University to research different alternatives to test their products. Different organizations such as the John Hopkins Center for the Alternatives to Animal Testing (CAAT), Toiletry and Fragrance Association, the Cosmetic, the International Foundation for Ethical Research, and the Soap and Detergent Association started their own research to develop different alternatives. While this research is going on, the amount of animal testing increases so that they can guarantee consistent results with the new alternatives (Stevens).

The final reason why animal testing is so cruel is because innocent animals are being abused without reason. For example, many animals that are used in all of these experiments are animals that have either been stolen or are from different animal's shelters. From there, they are taken to animal testing sites. All of these animal experimentation sites have been inspected, but just because the research centers are legalized, does not mean that animals aren't being abused. According to Jeremy S., "A research scientist at Huntingdon Life Sciences was recently caught on videotape punching four puppies repeatedly in the face." This so-called "scientist" is trying



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