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Animal Farm - 1984

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Essay Preview: Animal Farm - 1984

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Emily Hausler

Joan Malbera-Foran



Animal farm-1984

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Animal Farm and 1984 are two novels written by the phenomenal author George Orwell. While these novels are different in many ways, they both examine/ similar parts of speech in English literature, such as attitude and tone. The novel Animal Farm is a story of rebellion; inspired by the Russian Revolution of 1917, it therefore focused on communism. It focuses on animals living on manor farm owned by Mr. Jones. The character “Old Major” stands in parallel to Karl Marx in the sense that he wants to help the animals of the farm who are of a lower class.1984, on the other hand, is a novel focused on a future that is less than desirable--one that is riddled with fear and sadness, and mainly governed by socialism. The story is set on “Airstrip One,” in a dystopian world split into three main factions: Oceania, Eurasia, and Eastasia, which are constantly at war with one another.

Both novels focus on the aspects of tone. Animal farm is written with a friendly yet withholding tone. Both governments are judgemental and segregating. With quotes such “ "Four legs good, two legs bad! Four legs good, two legs bad!" (3.11) and the latter “"Four legs good, two legs better! Four legs good, two legs better! Four legs good, two legs better!" (10.14) 1984, however, has a more sad and low tone. It is focused in a very black and white fashion with aspects to the story such as big brother watching over you, and things being governed by an outward power that none of the people seem to have a choice on. Similar to the film “V for Vendetta,” there appears to be a large government presence that is focused on the oppression of the people.

Another trait both novels share is attitude. They are both narrated in a manner that has nothing left to lose. Animal farm focuses its attacks on the Soviet Union, while 1984, meanwhile, exclaims that people were being seduced and coerced by an authoritative government. Neither of the novels romanticize what is going on, or put the reader into a position where they long for what is happening to become reality. In our current political climate, it is surprising that we the people do not have such menacing overlords (like “big brother”) defining our every move… Unless of course, they already are. The narrators in 1984 seem quite pessimistic, however, showing no real emotion.

These novels were both written and set in a time very different from our own, and yet they show so many similarities. Powerful governments, clear separation between classes, and people trying to help who are getting ultimately shut down or otherwise incarcerated. Furthermore, both novels are shining examples



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