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Anthony Hopkins

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Essay Preview: Anthony Hopkins

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* What plot moments work the best and why?

Personally, I believe the plot moment that works the best is when Gwyneth Paltrow finally figured out the solution for the equation that Anthony Hopkins gave her as the challenge as well as to help his daughter to use her brilliant mathematic talent. The reason I chose this moment is because that from Gwyneth Paltrow performance I could almost feel as I am part of her and as I could almost can taste the excitement that she was experiencing but one of the most important that really touches my heart is when Anthony Hopkins revealed the "solution" of the equation and the reaction after Gwyneth Paltrow read the "solution". I can deeply feel the pain and heartbreak just as much as she was going through. Simply from her face reaction and her tone of voice I could absolutely felt that she was trying her hardest not to cry as well as showing too much of her reaction in front of her father.

* Are any parts of the plot unnecessary and why?

I believe the only part of the plot in this movie that is unnecessary is that when Hope Davis was interacting as well as flirting with a guest at the party. The reason for that is because the part when Hope Davis was interacting with the guest was not exceptionally important and was not an essential aspect to sent the message to the audience, therefore, that is fundamentally the main explanation I do not think that specific part of the plot was preventable.

* Are any parts of the plot unclear and why?

Personally I believe there was no part of the plot was unclear.



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