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Susan Anthony Case

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Essay Preview: Susan Anthony Case

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My report is about the life and works of Susan and tirelessly for Bromwell Anthony. Susan Bromwell Anthony was an advocate of civil rights and fought hard women's rights and for the slaves to be free.

Susan was born on February 15, 1820, near Adams, Massachusetts to Daniel and Lucy Anthony. During her time, education was not enjoyed by every one. But due to her father's insistence that education was for all, she was able to go to school. Before she turned four, she knew how to read and write. At a very young age, Susan had a lot of thoughts about equality among men and women. One instance was when she thought that one of her father's woman workers was capable to be a boss, but did not become because her father did not think that a woman could be a boss, which really bothered her.

When her father's business failed, Susan took a teaching job to help her family financially. She was strict teacher, but very popular. It was then she became active joining different groups to end slavery and continued her temperance work (outlawing liquor) to end the abuses of women and children who suffered from alcoholic husband and father.

In the early 1800's, women had few rights and felt they had to be married to feel secured, but not Susan. For her, only if the right man came along, if not she would take care of herself.

Susan B. Anthony dedicated her life fighting for women's suffrage. It was the right of women to vote. The works and the accomplishments of Susan paved the way for the passage of the Nineteenth Amendment in 1920 (fourteen years after her death).

Susan also became part of the American Anti-Slavery Society. This group wanted freedom for slaves. Susan worked hard for the society. As a result, in 1865, the Thirteenth Amendment said that all slavery must end.

After I read the biography of Susan B. Anthony and learned how persistent she was to fight for women's rights, I have taught myself not to take these for granted and make these valuable. She became my model and inspiration to become more industrious, patient, and stand for my rights and for the rights of others if I know the end result will benefit a lot of people.



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