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The Life of Susan B. Anthony

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Essay Preview: The Life of Susan B. Anthony

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During the 1800 and 1900 hundreds Susan B Anthony was a prominent and an important figure of its time. Susan was born February 15, 1820 in Adams, Massachusetts she was the second oldest child in the family and had seven brothers and sisters. Many of her siblings became involved in anti-slavery movements and rights activist. Susan had a close bond with her siblings thought her life. Many of Susan's interests came from her father Daniel and mother Lucy. Booth of her parents were activists of some sort and that is why Susan became involved in many different activities that later made her famous. Susan learned from an early age on how to read and write. When Susan was 16 her family moved to New York where she then attended a local district school, because of her gender the teacher rejected to teach her long division. When her father found out that she got rejected by her teacher he took it upon himself to teach her. Including her parents Susan had many important figures in her live including a teacher named Mary Perkins, Mary was a woman's activist which further converted Susan's believes.

From early on Susan was interested in partaking in different leading roles such as anti-slavery, woman's equal rights. Susan was only 16 when she decided to take on the House of Representatives to petition slavery in reply to the gag rule. In 1856 Susan took the role of a mediator for the American Anti- Slavery Society, her main focus was to coordinate all the functions. There were many violent encounters with none supporters of her work. Susan was a big believer of the Thirteenth Amendment she partitioned an outlaw of slavery. In 1868 Anthony went on to publishing in the weekly journal about woman's rights. The Revolution was a woman's rights newspaper that came out in 1868 and1872. The paper was written about Woman Suffrage which was made of by feminists. Anthony actively campaigned for the rights of woman and there suffrage the motto of the paper was "The true republic--men, their rights and nothing more; women, their rights and nothing less"(Susan B. Anthony1868). The Revolution's main Idea was to stimulate the readers mind on African American sufferings in the same token it pointed out the equal pay for workers and more advanced laws for divorces.

Many of Susan B Anthony's legal issues were raised over the fact that woman could not vote. Her main goal was to ensure that woman were able to vote she ended up spending most of her life dedicating her time for equal rights to end suffering and the right to vote. Susan took it upon herself to vote which then led to her arrest at her house that she had shared with her sisters in 1872. She was charged voting in a federal election in which she did not have a right to vote in.

Susan was also an Educational Reformer in 1846 became the head of the girls at the department at Canajoharie Academy. Anthony did not agree with the low paying wages



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