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Apple Corporation Marketing Stratergy

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1. Product

* Apple produces product which are differentiated from other products in the market- (iPod comes with iTunes-the first in market)

* The product produced by apple has an innovative industrial design which becomes an attraction.

* Apple does not launch their product until it is ready to be used and they have a small team who designs their major products.

2. Price

* Price skimming strategy where Apple sells products at a high price. By sacrificing sales to gain profit because they have to earn as much as they can in a short time.

* Apple also practices premium pricing strategy where they set the prices of products higher than similar products.

3. Promotion

* Advertising campaign with switch using the 'think different' slogan.

* iPhone 3, 3gs and 4 being promoted trough maxis and digi.

* Sales promotion such as joining certain activity to win a free iPad.

* In 2010, Apple aired its first television commercial for the iPad during the Oscar broadcasting in US.

4. Place

* Online stores in over 35 countries which guarantee door to door delivery in 6 countries across South East Asia.

* 357 retail stores in over 12 countries. Focused in quality shopping mall which has high traffic location.

* Third party sale forces which are authorised seller of the product in the country such as Switch in Malaysia.


Apple strategy of producing products which are differentiated and with an innovative design attracts customers. Due to the difference in the product, Apple grabs the opportunity to sell its product at a higher price.

Understanding the consumer's behaviour needs and preferences allow Apple to develop various advertising strategy.

Having online and retail stores and authorised seller over different countries help Apple to boost up their sales globally.

The Ansoff matrix below (diagram 1.0) shows the strategy directions used by Apple to market their product.

Diagram 1.0


Apple Corporation considers its employees to be one of the most important asses of its organization.



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