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Marketing Fundamental Project - Apple Products

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Essay Preview: Marketing Fundamental Project - Apple Products

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Apple Inc. Marketing

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Category: Business

Autor: anton 15 July 2010

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Apple Products

Project Members:

Steve Chiam Tao Cheng 1001366B

Halimatus Sa'diah Bte Ariffin 1005919D

Ho Wai Leong 1000578C

Nur Fatimah Bte A Rahman 1003580F

Pamela Wong Chien Nee 1001440E

Ryan Leo Sheng Hua 1001410H

Subject Tutor: Ms Christine Ng

Submission Date: 12 July 2010 by 5pm


Index | Description | Page |

1. | Content Page | |

2. | Executive Summary | |

3. | Introduction | |

4. | Findings: Marketing Environment | |

5. | Findings: Target Market- Consumer Behavior | |

6. | Findings: Marketing Mix- Product | |

7. | Findings: Marketing Mix- Price | |

8. | Findings: Marketing Mix- Place | |

9. | Findings: Marketing Mix- Promotion | |

10. | Conclusion & Recommendation | |

| Index/References | |


At the end of this report, you will know about our objective of doing this project and we have picked out the main points of why Apple has succeeded in their sales. You will know more about Apple product, in terms of its pricing, product features, promotion and the place of distribution. This report will also shows Apple's Target market and consumer behaviors by segmenting them in terms of Demographics, Psychographic, Geographic, Usage Rate and Product features. It explains how Apple tries to reach its target market by recognizing its problems and finding ways to solve them with the product.

On the third page, we introduced the company, product, how we derived our report and scope. We are focusing on the iphone series ranging from the first to the latest one.

We also discussed Apples competitors in terms of their pricing, features and design as shown in the perceptual map. We have also found that there are certain pricing constraints that Apple faced, for example, Demand, newer the product, single product versus product line and competitive market.





iPhone, iPhone3G, iPhone3GS, iPhone4


My team has been tasked to examine a brand's marketing strategy in Singapore. We are expected to research and provide findings in the following areas and critique on the alignment of these findings with the intended marketing strategy. Based on these findings, our team is required to make sine practical recommendations that can further improve or strengthen the brand's local position.


Internet, Shop research

Web Reference/ source from: http://www.apple.com/about/




The environment forces that affect Apple's ability to serve its customers are social, economic, technologic, competitive and regulatory forces.

Social forces mainly refer to the changes in society. Examples would be an overall aging population, falling birth rates, decrease in household sizes, growth in household incomes, increase in dual income factors, increasing divorce rates, more people choosing to remain single, just to name a few.

Apple has to take in mind these social forces and considerations before deciding on its target market of customers, and how best to "poach" them. For example, an increase in the aging population would mean that there would be more elderly retirees who are free to do whatever they like, but most importantly, most of them would be rather well off after working for the large part of their lives.

In this case, it gives Apple an opportunity to target these elderly retirees, as since they would be free, they might purchase Apple's gadgets and devices to keep themselves occupied and entertained. Also, these retirees would probably buy Apple products to pamper their grand children, especially if they dote on them a lot. Another example would be the growing trend of more people choosing to be single.

Being single would mean that the consumer would not have to support a family, pamper the spouses, or pay for their children's education. Therefore, most singles would therefore be rather rich and affluent, as they would probably have a lot of savings from not needing to support a family.

This is also an opportunity for Apple to target these singles, who might feel "lonely' and require entertainment gadgets or devices to "survive" their singlehood. Also, and most importantly, since these singles might be rich and willing to use their "discretionary income" to pay for



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