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Are Atheists Less Moral Than Believers?

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Essay Preview: Are Atheists Less Moral Than Believers?

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Existential, spiritual or other thought-provoking issues is in what people and animals differ. The matter of the afterlife, as one of these aspects, is divisive. Despite religion in crisis, still, believers constitutes the majority within global population. The scope of aspect religious morality is often being cut down to church attendance. Actually, religion is about spiritual life and faith in the mercy of God, or another holy figure. Some people claim it can replace morality. However, it is untrue.  Atheists are not less moral than believers, because morality is independent of faith, religion does not prove anybody righteous , and faith is not needed to tell good from evil.

Those who claim morality is inseparable from religion say that there is no basis for the former outside the latter. They add that secular code of conduct is insufficient for people to be morally valuable. Humans need a holy guide in their lives. Thus, atheists cannot be righteous since they reject this guidance. It is true that religion aims at people’s decent lives. This is why it involves moral guidance for believers. However true in morality religion is, it is not the root of righteousness. Spirituality does not equate to morality as they are two independent factors. Values are established and accepted by the society, not by religious beliefs. Morality exists outside religion. People, not religion are to judge their acts regardless of faith. This is why values cannot be named religion-dependent.

Those who believe that atheists are less moral than believers claim that without religious discipline people are more likely to commit misdeeds or criminal offences. They add that atheism means no restrictions, which makes people evil. Non-believers, as they do not observe religious practices, are deprived of moral values because they lack faith in God (or other creature), which is the only valid source of goodness. It is true that religion puts emphasis on personal righteousness. Nonetheless, atheism does not mean lack of values. People behind the bars are criminals, not atheists or Catholics. They are imprisoned due to their offences. The roots of the criminals’ misconduct are not religion but their own minds. Studies show that there is no correlation between atheism and crime rate. Thus, there is no evidence

People often claim that atheists are less moral than theists as faith is people’s guide to a decent life. One cannot decide upon the morality or immorality of people’s acts from non-theistic perspective. They add that religious rules are what is required for people to tell good from evil. A religious guide is what every human needs in order to be righteous. Without this point of reference, people are certain to become lost. It is true that religion is a support for human beings. For some people, it is a source of wisdom and mental strength. However helpful religion is, faith is not required to be aware of what is right and wrong. This guidance is useful but not as necessary as it is said to be. People, due to their ability to think, can learn about moral deeds on their own. Religion is not crucial in that process.



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