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Dangers of Cell Phones

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Dangers of Cell Phones

The uses of cell phones in everyday life are more dangerous than meets the eye. With cell phone numbers increasing, distractions and a chance of hurting your health also increase too the over the amount of daily use. Even though cell phones are a major part in today's society, people must refrain from using them when working, in school, and while driving to make sure that safety and attention are given first hand. Many people own cell phones, but use them at the wrong times and places during their day.

The majority of the nation works on a daily basis and this amounts to a solid income that allows people to spend money as they please. The product that this group decides to buy is the cell phone, which keeps everything and everyone connected throughout the world. The amount of use for cell phones is an astounding number and with a closer look, one can realize that people use their phones at inappropriate times. This means that workers use their phones during the work day if they get bored, leading them to not pay attention to the task at hand and forgetting to do their actual work. I know that if a worker is caught using their phone while working, their boss will not be happy and could possibly fire them. The new wave of graduating students' use their phones nonstop, and this could in turn hurt their chances of getting jobs. The reason is because they would use their phones during their interview rather than paying attention to the job interviewer. Students feel the need to immediately answer to a text message or call if they get one on their phone and during an interview they just may slip up and make this mistake in front of their future boss. Not saying that cell phones are a problem in this world, but figuring out when to use them is the main point the population must understand. The over use of cell phones will cause many to not pay attention at the real task ahead of them with a constant distraction in their hands.

Students all around the world feel that they must stay "connected everywhere-that seems to be the goal of this wireless age" (David 19), with their friends though texting, calling, Facebook, MySpace, or twitter and use their phones during class. This is detrimental because students cannot concentrate on anything the teacher is attempting to teach if they have a phone as a distraction. Some schools ban the use of cell phones simply because they know that their students will benefit educationally if they remain undistracted. The need for people to be socially included could ruin students' education with the major disturbance of how everyone must be connected all the time. The successful people in life learn how to manage their time and this plays a role here on when you should use your phone. I am a full believer on using cell phones to remain connected to your friends and family but also learning the time and place to use the phone is the most important thing in remaining on task. This age group is all about learning new things; well I say they learn when to use their cell phones so that learning and paying attention to the field ahead are a little easier. The main thing in life is to be attentive and concentrate on the things life brings you, but the overuse of cell phones greatly prevents these abilities with the amount of distractions people face with them.

Probably the most horrific thing people of today's time do wrong is use their cell phones while driving, which endangers everyone around you since you may be distracted at the wheel. The majority of people love to talk with their hands in an everyday conversation and they even tend to do this when driving. The instant someone lets go of the wheel or looks down at their phone, something on the road ahead can change, giving them no chance to react. This leads to them letting go of the wheel for a short second and that is all the time needed to cause an accident. The use of cell phones while driving is extremely dangerous and many states have passed laws that are set to prohibit the use of a phone by a driver. The Governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger, "signed a new law that prohibits drivers from using cell phone while driving" (American City and County 12), showing that the safety of people is very important and that the risk of driving and being on the phone is dangerous to everyone. People do realize the seriousness of the situation and are working heavily to fix it as best they can, but citizens just do not understand the matter at hand. Accidents happen every day while driving and a large number of these accidents come from a distraction by a cell phone. All parents know that when their child gets behind the wheel everyone on the road needs to look out to make sure they are safe. The real factor that parents do not see is that their child is constantly on the phone and not paying attention to the road ahead of them, endangering themselves rather than someone else who is not paying attention. Ky Sisson says that "if teens are either talking or texting on their cell phones while driving, it's a distraction" (Sisson 7) and this is just a factor along with others being in the car and loud music on top of that. Little to no attention is given to the road from teens today because they think they are indestructible and nothing in this world can hurt them. It has proven time after time that distractions do hurt and even kill people when driving. Many times it takes this kind of accident to get the point across to these teen drivers, which is horrible because nobody looks at the signs being presented to them.

There are so many drivers talking on the phones today, "more than one million people-8 percent of all drivers-were found to use hand-held cell phones while driving" (Nutrition



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